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Six Interesting Northern Lights Facts [Infographic]

When seeing the spectacular aurora on our Northern Lights holidays, you can choose from a large range of adventures. You will get to experience the […]

Northernmost Cities Under The Northern Lights [Infographic]

These Cities will be a great place to visit for a northernmost holiday, providing you with the quiet and peace you could be looking for, […]

Happiest Countries in the World [Infographic]

When you go on one of our Northern Lights holidays, you won’t only get to see the spectacular aurora – you will also get to […]

Northern Lights Myths & Legends [Infographic]

Northern Lights holidays are an wonderful opportunity to experience different cultures, to learn about traditions and to understand the rich history of the various destinations […]

A Guide to Responsible Whale Watching [Infographic]

Whale watching and dolphin watching are life-changing experiences for many people. Here at Off The Map Travel we are committed to ensuring that future generations […]

What makes a good Whale Watcher?

A good whale watching holiday is about more than just the trip itself. The dynamic between we humans and the whales themselves is one that must […]

Best Places for Whale Watching [Infographic]

Whale watching is described by those who have done it as a life-changing experience. For those who haven’t been whale watching yet, it usually appears […]

The Real World Benefits of Whale Watching

Our commitment to responsible whale watching stems from a deep respect for nature and a fascination for whales, dolphins and the other majestic marine creatures […]

Did You Know? – Five Whale Facts

The whales of the world are majestic creatures that have piqued the interests of travellers since their first sightings, in part for their beauty and […]

Local Delicacies Under The Northern Lights [Infographic]

Each of our Northern Lights holiday destinations offers a range of fantastic local delicacies to sample when you visit. The cuisine is often far from […]