Salla in Lapland

A winter destination in the wilderness of Finnish Lapland with a lot going for it! If you are looking for a family destination where you can get away from it all, try out some new activities and relax in front of cosy log fires, then this could be the destination for you. Situated away from any major towns or cities in complete peace and quiet, Salla offers highlands, lakes, rivers and marshes and beautiful snowy landscapes. An enchanting winter wonderland set deep in the Arctic circle offering great opportunities for seeing the Aurora Borealis or taking part in traditional winter activities such as reindeer sledding, husky safaris, skiing and snowmobiling. This destination is suitable for the whole family and offers exciting adventures as well as luxury cabins, great local food and a spa with views of the ski slopes!


Finland - Salla

Salla is located in Eastern Lapland next to the Russian border. It has been firmly on the tourist map since the 1930s when Sallatuturin was used as the location of the alpine Finnish ski championships. With a population of just over 4000, Salla is one of the least populated areas in Europe with less than 1 person per square kilometre. Travel to Salla for a perfect holiday combining wilderness, snow and of course long relaxing saunas!


This package runs between December and April.


There are a number of options when it comes to accommodation in Salla all offering high quality traditional décor and a cosy home from home for your winter holiday.

Erittain Sallainen

One bedroom cosy cabins with kitchen, bathroom with sauna, and a comfortable separate bedroom. Within walking distance of the ski slope, spa and a couple of restaurants. A great option for a single traveller or a couple.

Finland-Salla-Erittain-bedroom Finland-Salla-Erittain-kitchen Finland-Salla-Erittain-lounge Finland-Salla-Erittain-lounge-2 Finland-Salla-Erittain-outside

Holiday Club Salla

Completed just a few years ago, these modern 2 bedroom cottages are a perfect base. Close to the slopes, spa and a couple of restaurants.

Pan Village

These beautifully finished 3 bedroom cottages are located 3km from the ski slopes of Salla but close to the reindeer park which offers a variety of activities. Large and beautifully furnished cabins with saunas and log fires which are perfect for all the family.

Finland-Salla-Pan-Cabin-bedroom Finland-Salla-Pan-Cabin-kitchen Finland-Salla-Pan-Cabin-lounge Finland-Salla-Pan-Cabin-lounge-2 Finland-Salla-Pan-Cabin-outside

Sallatuturin Tuvat

66 cabins within walking distance of the restaurant and close to all other activities. These cabins vary from small 1 room apartments to large 4 bedroom cottages with jacuzzis, saunas and log fires.

Finland-Sallatunturin-dinning Finland-Sallatunturin-lounge Finland-Sallatunturin-lounge-2-bed Finland-Sallatunturin-lounge2-2-bed Finland-Sallatunturin-sauna


There are a wide range of activities on offer. Simply choose the ones you would like to include in your package.

Husky Sledding

Choose either a short or a longer husky tour through the Lappish landscape: wonderful woods, magnificent marshlands and stunning silent scenery.

Snowmobile tour

From 2 hour taster tours to full day trips to the Russian border or snowmobile tours under the northern lights. A snowmobile trip is a must on any winter holiday to Lapland.

Reindeer Tour

Experience the traditional way of moving through Lapland with a reindeer tour through the forest. This trip can even be done at night under the Northern Lights.

Reindeer Feeding Trip

A short trip on a snowmobile takes you to the reindeer herding area where your guide will allow you to feed the reindeer and learn more about these beautiful animals.

Relax with reindeer

A whole day with these wonderful animals including 10 – 15km driving, ice-fishing, lasso-throwing, feeding the reindeer and finally having a picnic by an open fire.

Snow shoe trip

A nature trip on snow shoes which will take you to the beautiful ice wall and allow you to try some ice fishing and have a picnic in the Lapp hut.

Evening under the starry sky

A traditional evening in a Kota shelter. A 3 course buffet meal including local delicacies and live music and hopefully a chance to spot the Northern Lights.

Finland-Salla-Northern-Lights Finland-Salla-Ski-Slope Finland-Salla-Reindeer Finland-Salla-Winter-Wonderland Finland-Salla-Dog-Sledding


Flights to your chosen destination are not included in your package. However we will always include details of the most suitable flights in our opinion to match your tailor-made itinerary. We cooperate with Dial-A-Flight to assist you in making your flight bookings. However, flights can be booked independently and through your choice of carrier which increases flexibility and allows you to continue to travel with your preferred airlines.


There are a number extras that we can offer to compliment or extend your trip.

No1 Traveller Lounges

If your flying from selected airports why not start your holiday off in style with No1Traveller airport lounges. These award winning luxury airport lounges offer everything the discerning traveller needs from freshly prepared complimentary food and drink to wifi or even a spa! Contact us today to arrange your access and start your holiday in style.

Clothing and Footwear Package

The cost of buying the winter clothing recommended for your trip can easily add up. To help out Off the Map Travel has teamed up with Expedition Kit Hire to provide top of the range Northern Lights clothing and footwear rental package. Including all the recommend items this package is a great way to get everything needed at a fraction of the price it would cost to buy.

No1 Traveller Lounge-5 No1 Traveller Lounge-4 No1 Traveller Lounge-3 No1 Traveller Lounge-2 No1 Traveller Lounge


We do not sell off the shelf packages, all of our packages are tailor-made to your requirements. You can choose everything from when you go, how long you stay to what activities you would like to include. Simply Contact Us with your requirements and we will provide you with a tailor-made personal itinerary.

As an example, prices for a 3 night trip including a Dog Sledding trip and Northern Lights Reindeer sleigh trip starts from £799 per person based on two sharing.


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Sitting around a warming fire, drinking hot chocolate and cookies while your reindeer rest behind you and the Northern Lights dance above your head is an experience which will never be forgotten.

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