Salla, in north eastern Finland, is an Arctic paradise and perfect for a Finland northern lights holiday. Away from any towns and cities and with just 0.71 people per square kilometre it presents some of the darkest skies around with which to spot the aurora.

It is a perfect place to experience true peace and quiet. However this isn’t just a tranquil setting, adventure too can be found here too including dog sledding, snowmobile tours and snowshoe trips.

The Basics

Location: 66°50′N 028°40′E
Population: 4,048
Area: 5,872.21 km2
Time Zone: GMT + 2 (+ 3 in Summer)

Getting There

The closest airports to Salla are Rovaniemi or Kuusamo mainly serviced through Finnair. From there daily buses can be caught to Salla although hiring a car is easier.

Salla is located 900km from Helsinki and although it can be driven it is a 10-11 hour journey.


The climate in Salla can be varied. In the summer temperatures can reach 20°C in the winter it can drop to -20°C.

Due to the northerly latitude the winters can be quite dark, which makes for perfect conditions for a Finland northern lights holiday and the deep snow makes for perfect conditions for enjoying winter activities.


Salla is located close to the Russian border in north eastern Finland, and travelling to Russia is easy if you obtain the correct visa.

It is region of Arctic Finland that lies 66° north, perfectly situated for the auroral oval and a Finland northern lights holiday. With imposing mountains and deep valleys it delivers breath-taking scenery and a winter wonderland packed with adventure.

Plants and Animals

Eurasian brown bears can be spotted in the area on a rare occasion. Reindeer are also present, and they can be seen, mainly in herds.

Much of the area is covered in dense pine forests, but some flowers can be spotted on the floor or on cliffs in summer. Spruce trees can also be seen but they are much rarer.

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