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Indian Ocean La Reunion

A picture-perfect volcanic island in the heart of the Indian Ocean, nestled between Mauritius and Madagascar.

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La Reunion at a glance

La Reunion, a beautiful but little-known island nestled between Mauritius and Madagascar. It is part of the longest domestic flight route as it is considered part of France.

Well known for its volcanic, rainforested interior it is also home to some amazing coral reefs and beaches. This is the perfect destination for an adventure holiday in the Indian Ocean and combines well with it’s relaxing and tranquil sister island Mauritius to give you the best of both worlds!

La Reunion

Experiences in La Reunion

There is plenty to do and see in La Reunion. Speak to one of our Travel Designers to add some of these amazing activities to your personalised holiday.
Hike to the top of a volcanic peak.

Hike up Piton de la Fournaise

Hike to the top of a volcanic peak.
An amazing tour above the heart of a collapsed volcano.

Helicopter over Cirque de Mafate

An amazing tour above the heart of a collapsed volcano.

General Information

The name Reunion Island very much captures the essence of this beautiful island. With populations from Africa, Madagascar, Asia and Europe, the islands success is it's melting pot of cultures. There is an astonishing cultural diversity, which is expressed in the island's architecture, dance and cuisine. The island boasts some amazing activities from exploring still-active volcanoes, helicopter flights above the pretty crater-villages and of course some incredible whale watching too! An incredible destination in it's own right or perfect as an adventurous contrast to the laid-back lifestyle of the likes of Mauritius with which it is easily combined.




Creole, French and English

Highest mountain

Piton des Neiges



Food and Drink

Travel Facts

Learn more about flights, climate and geography for this destination.

Flights to Reunion are actually very simple despite it’s location. It is part of the longest ‘domestic’ flight route in the world – St. Denis, Reunion-RUN to Paris-CDG operated by Air Austral covering 5,809 miles in 11h 10mins! Flights from Paris are regular and it is very simple to island-hop between Mauritius and Reunion making them perfect as a twin-centre destination.

The climate in La Reunion is tropical and humid. The seasons are the opposite to the UK but the sea temperature rarely drops below 23°C! The summer from December to March with an average temperature of 26°C on the coast with highs of 30°C.

It is an island technically part of Southern Africa, in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and neighbouring Mauritius. It is an overseas region of France. The total area of the island is 2,512 km², of which 10 km² is water and the highest peak in the Indian Ocean is here – Piton des Neiges.

More than a third of Réunion’s surface is still covered with forests and wild plants. The coral reef may be relatively young, but a few years have been enough to see it teeming with life, as coral and tropical fish colonize the lava flows which have reached the sea. Meanwhile, on land, birds, butterflies and lizards demonstrate just how resourceful nature can be when forced to adapt to new conditions. The ‘zoizo blanc’ for example, (Zosterops borbonicus or Reunion White-eye) is said to be currently mutating into several sub-species.

Some specialities for food on La Reunion include:

  • Rougail: Spicy condiment made from tomatoes, lemon and pistachio nuts, as well as the term for various stews (see below).
  • Rougail saucisses: Full-flavoured stew containing sausage, tomatoes and turmeric, served with rice.
  • Civet de zourites: Baby octopus cooked in red wine, herbs and spices.

There is also a thriving wine industry since vines were first brought to the island in 1771 by French Colonials. Since 1996, a cooperative has been operating a high-quality wine-making facility, growing the noble grapes – Chenin, Gros Manseng, Malbec, Pinot noir, and Syrah.

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