A coastal province of northern Spain, Asturias is a contrast between the coast and the Cantabrian Mountains to the south.

This combination delivers a wonderful contrast of landscapes and views as you travel through the province and creates the ideal base for a luxury Spanish adventure holiday.

With the ideal landscape for outdoor activities, and some of the best scenery in Spain, the region boasts some of the country’s best rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking.

The Basics

Location: 43°20′N 6°00′W
Population: 1,068,165
Area: 10,604 km
Time Zone: GMT +1

Getting There

Asturias airport is located in Avilés and direct flights from London make this an easy destination to get to. Santander and Bilbao airports also offer good alternative flight options.

If you’d rather travel by boat, then ferries also stop in the area.


Temperatures in the mountains can drop in the winter with snow possible from October to May.

Summer temperatures are similar to that of other coastal regions on the north coast of Spain, with an average of 20C.


The Picos de Europa National Park is a large area of land containing spectacular mountains with Torrecerredo the tallest standing at 2,648m.

The coastal area is filled with sandy beaches, hidden coves and sea caves. Beaches in this area are clean and surrounded by steep cliffs.

Plants and Animals

Bears and wolves can occasionally be spotted in remote parts of the Picos de Europa National Park, more commonly wild horses are seen grazing in the parks valleys. Eagles and vultures can also be found nesting in cliffs.

Plant life in this area is typical of that of Spain, with a wide variety of trees and bushes found across the park.

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