Luleå Winter Adventure

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The beautiful area surrounding Luleå in Swedish Lapland is the perfect wilderness to enjoy a winter holiday. When the skies are clear, the region offers a great opportunity to experience the magnificent Northern Lights due to its latitude and dark skies.

Spending some time by the frozen lake in your safari camp where you can enjoy ice-carving and other activities is perfectly complemented by time at the warm and cosy Brandon Lodge overlooking the frozen sea and islands of the Luleå archipelago. For an extra special trip include a night or even two at the incredible treehotel staying in a room high up in the trees – a childhood dream come true.


Swedish Lapland - Luleå

Luleå is located in Swedish Lapland. Situated at the mouth of the Lule River and in the Northwest corner of the Gulf of Bothnia Luleå is a laid-back town with great restaurants, a lovely marina and of course some great nearby islands.

Surrounded by amazing open countryside with a variety of winter adventures at your fingertips Luleå and its surrounds are perfect for an Arctic adventure holiday.


This package is available from September to early April. If you would like to enjoy a true winter experience travel after December. For warmer weather and autumn colours travel from September to November.


The region gives you the chance to stay in some really unique accommodation, in fact the rooms may even be the highlight of your stay.


The incredible treehotel features 4 choices of rooms. All are totally unique and individual. You can choose which room you stay in or ask your personal travel advisor which room they think would suit you.

The Cabin

Perfect for a couple. A capsule high up in the trees on a hillside overlooking the Lule River.

The Mirror cube

Stunning from the outside and camouflaged amongst the forest. This is great for a couple and the 6 windows provide a stunning panoramic view.


Sleeping up to 5 people this room is great for those who wish to escape to their childhood dreams.

Blue Cone

A simple room both in terms of design and materials used. This rooms sleeps up to 4 people and has wonderful views from the large window.


With room for up to 4 people the dragonfly is the treehotel's largest room and perfect for those who would like modern comforts such as a shower in the room, a separate lounge area and wifi.

Birds Nest

Blending entirely into its surroundings this room is comfortable and exclusive on the inside and great for a family of 4.

The treerooms feature a toilet and sink in all rooms but the showers are in the amazing sauna cabins. The dragonfly room has its own shower.

Blue Cone _ Fredrik Broman _ humanspectraBreakfast _ Fredrik Broman humanspectraMirror Cube _ Fredrik Broman humanspectraThe Cabin _ Fredrik Broman humanspectraUFO _ Fredrik Broman humanspectra

Aurora Safari Camp

The Aurora Safari Camp is a wonderful blend of luxury and wilderness. A small camp set on the beautiful Råne River; the perfect place to enjoy the dark skies and hopefully Aurora around the warm fire.

Spending the night in a traditional lavvu or tepee (Sami tent) is a wonderful way to get close to nature and wilderness. The tepee is heated with a wood burning stove and is nearby to washroom facilities.

Aurora safari camp lavvu tent _ Fredrik Broman humanspectraCampfire _ Fredrik Broman humanspectraInside Lavvu _ Fredrik Broman humanspectraLounge _ Fredrik Broman humanspectraLounge and Dining _ Fredrik Broman

Brandon Lodge

Brandon lodge is a delightful collection of wooden cabins sitting directly on the Luleå archipelago. The main building is a spectacular log building where you can relax, take a drink and enjoy delicious meals.

The 15 cabins all have two bedrooms, a lounge area and a modern bathroom. A perfect accommodation from which to enjoy the Aurora and some fantastic winter activities.

Brändön lodgeDining RoomInside CabinFood Brandon LodgeThe Lodge


Activities in this destination are numerous and all offer a something exciting to people new to the area. The activities are all suitable for beginners or more experienced adventurers. Available activities will depend on what time of year you travel.


A must-do activity in Swedish Lapland with a wonderful bunch of Siberian huskies. Half day, full day or even overnight adventures can be arranged with these wonderful creatures through the forest tracks and across frozen lakes and rivers.

Ice Carving

On arrival at the Safari Camp you will be given a large lump of ice and shown how to sculpt it. You can then return time and time again during your trip to create your own masterpiece.

Snowshoe treks

Snow shoes are a great way of walking upon the snow. Take a trek around the area, looking out for incredible nature at every turn. If you can walk you can take on a snow-shoe adventure.

Snowmobile Tours

Rev your engines and enjoy the thrill of a snowmobile on these great tours. The snowmobiles are two seater so children can ride on the back; a great adventure for the whole group.

Snowmobile Transfers

The Aurora Safari Camp is situated on a riverside and so a short snowmobile transfer is a must. However if you are travelling directly to Brandon Lodge then you can also opt for a snowmobile transfer right from the airport.


Take a special trip in a hovercraft across the ice to the pack ice fields of the outer archipelago. When you reach Brändöskär Island you will have the chance to walk on the ice and enjoy a delicious meal.

Ice Fishing

Wrapped up in your provided thermals, with your fishing rod and ice screw in hand, head out into the lake to try your hand at ice fishing. You won’t have to worry about keeping the fish fresh, as you have it for lunch on this true wilderness experience.

Northern Lights and night sky

Experiencing the Northern Lights is an amazing experience. All of these destinations provide a perfect dark sky for Aurora watching.

Northern Lights Snowshoe Hunt

At Brandon Lodge enjoy an expert guide who will guide you out on snowshoes into the dark skies. Learn how to make a fire in the snow and then enjoy a warm drink or a hot meal sitting on reindeer skins – an all-round great experience.

Sami Experiences

Head to Jokkmokk and visit the Ájtte Museum. Here you learn about the history of the native Sami and their survival in a challenging landscape.

Then head to Ruokto to meet the charismatic Sami Per-Eric Kuoljok as he welcomes you to his home. He has genuine knowledge of Sami medical skills and you will get familiar to methods used for thousands of years.

You will have a meal prepared in the Tipi and also hear the magic of the Jojk, which is the traditional Sami folk music.

Aurora Photography

Head out to Bodträskån which lies in the middle of the forest. Here you will experience silence and darkness, a good place to see the Aurora and discover Arctic winter at night. Together with a photographer set you up a tripod and a DSLR camera. Step by step you will be given instructions on how to capture the night sky.

Nordic Ski Touring

With stable wooden skis and a certified guide, you will glide silently over the snow like the Sami have done throughout history.

Ice dining

An exciting activity under the moonlight with the chance to see the Northern lights. The evening is lit by torches and candles while you are served a 3 course dinner in a heated tipi tent on an ice covered lake. You sit on reindeer skins while enjoying a fantastic meal – a night to be remembered.

Storforsen Nature Reserve Sightseeing Tour

Visit the northern Europe’s largest rapid, enjoy a hike and cook and eat and delicious dinner outside with your guide.

Outdoor Hot Tub

Have a chance to enjoy the Northern Lights in a hot-tub. Take a relaxing soak with mountains all around, a starry sky above you and the Northern Lights on the horizon. A great way to relax and unwind on holiday.

Dogsledding _ Fredrik BromanHovercraft _ Brandon LodgeIce Carving _ Fredrik BromanSnowmobile adventure on the frozen ice in Swedish LaplandSnowshoe Adventure _ Fredrik Broman


Flights to your chosen destination are not included in your tailor made holiday through Off the Map Travel. However we will always include details of the most suitable flights in our opinion to match your tailor-made itinerary.

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We have a variety of extras that we can add to your package to make your holiday even more special.

Stockholm Stopover

Enjoy a stopover to take in the wonderful city of Stockholm. Staying in the brand new Kungstragarden Hotel in the city centre you will be able to explore all the major sites including The Kings Palace, the old town and as well as the many parks and museums.

Luleå City Extension

Enjoy a couple of extra nights in Swedish Lapland's largest city. Luleå is a great city with lots to see and do. It has some great restaurants, wonderful spas and is right on the water (or ice).

In the mid – late winter you can enjoy the special experience of walking, skating or skiing on the sea ice out to the islands. Staying in the brand new Clarion Sense hotel is a perfect base from which to explore.

No1 Traveller Lounges

If you’re flying from selected airports you can start your holiday off in the most relaxing way in the No1Traveller airport lounges. These wonderful luxury airport lounges offer everything the discerning traveller needs from fresh complimentary food and drink to wifi or even a cinema. Contact us today to arrange your access and start your holiday in style.

Clothing and Footwear Package

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This service can also be offered as a 'pick and mix' and you can just hire the items you need rather than the whole package.

Kit HireNarvikNo1TravellersLoungeClarion Kitchen Helicopter Transfer


All of our trips are tailor-made and price will be dependent on the combination accommodation you choice as well as how long you travel for and what activities are offered.

As an example a four night trip including one night at the Aurora Safari Camp, two nights at Brandon Lodge and a night at the Treehotel with a variety of activities on a full board basis costs from £2199 per person. Please download the example itinerary for information.


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"There are so many highlights that it is so hard to pick one but for me spending the night in a treehouse looking down over the beautiful forest has got to be one of the best things about this tour."

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