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Traditional Luxury or Totally Different?

In all of our amazing destinations there is a wealth of choice when it comes to unique accommodation. From cosy log cabins with a crackling fire in Sweden, to rooms made entirely of ice kept at minus temperatures in Norway or even sleeping beneath the stars in a perspex Bubble in the heart of the Mauritian jungle – we can find you something truly special.

We know that where you stay is almost as important as where you travel to and here at Off the Map Travel we can combine some of the world’s most unique accommodation options in some of the world’s most magical destinations. Can you imagine yourself watching the Northern Lights dance in the sky above in an igloo with a glass roof?  Or why not try something extraordinary and stay in the fuselage of a vintage Boeing 727 suspended within the canopy in Costa Rica?

Whether you’re looking for something more traditional with special luxury touches or something that is totally instagram-worthy then we can help.

ICEHOTEL Stay overnight at the original ICEHOTEL in Northern Sweden.
Wilderness Camp Take a trip into the wilderness and spend the night under the Northern Lights
Arctic Snowhotel and Igloos One location, two types of accommodation! Either spend the night in a beautiful glass-roofed igloo or within the Snowhotel.
Snow Castle Want to go one better than staying in a snow hotel? What about a Snow Castle!
Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel The first ice hotel in Norway to be built entirely of snow and ice
Treehotel Arguably one of Northern Sweden’s most famous experiences
Bubble Lodge Sleep amongst the tea plantation in the Bubble Lodge
Jungle Canopy Suite Sleep within the jungle canopy.
Loggers Lodge Get cosy in a beautiful secluded log cabin in Swedish Lapland.
The Arctic Lodge This is what true Arctic Luxury looks like.
Wolf Lodge As far as unique stays go, this is one of the most special.
Ion Adventure Hotel Stay in the heart of the wilderness in Southern Iceland in this luxury modern hotel.
Snowman World Glass Resort Stay in these incredibly beautiful unique cabins with amazing views of the sky above.
Aurora Safari Camp One of Swedish Lapland's most unique and magical outdoor overnight experiences.
Overnight on a Luxury Catamaran Experience an amazing overnight stay in the middle of the Norwegian Fjords.
Ilimanaq Lodge Stay in a unique cabin overlooking Disko Bay in Greenland.
Hotel Ranga One of Southern Iceland's hidden gems - Hotel Ranga.
Deplar Farm Stay off-grid in the amazing Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland.
Arctic Retreat A cosy but beautiful cabin in the forest of Swedish Lapland.

Magical natural phenomenons

There are many magical experiences to witness on this planet and we want to share them with you. Natural phenomenons such as the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun are rare, fleeting and extremely special but how you experience them is also important! Imagine watching the Aurora dance in the sky above you on your Northern Lights holidays whilst sailing on a luxury catamaran into the Norwegian Fjords or as you head into the Arctic wilderness with your very own dog sled team!

Alongside these amazing natural spectacles you can also experience whale watching holidays by RIB boat in the Azores, observe native wildlife in their natural habitats in the Costa Rican jungle or if you are feeling more adventurous why not go snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of Gozo or caving through the lava tubes in Iceland.

The world really is your oyster when it comes to Natural wonders to explore and here at Off the Map Travel we can help you with some of the very best!


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Daringly Different

We are specialists in soft adventure which means that for nearly all our activities you need no prior experience to get stuck in and get involved! Whatever your definition of adventure we can find the perfect activity for you. If you want to go on a leisurely hike through the Costa Rican jungle we can help with gentler adventure activities that will stimulate your senses and give you the feeling of being a true explorer. Alternatively if you are an adrenaline junkie we’ll provide the helmets ready for you to fly out on an exciting ice driving experience!

Immerse yourself

In all of our destinations there are strong cultural ties to the ways of life and the indigenous people that live here. In the Arctic you will be able to immerse yourself fully in the traditional Sami culture and learn all about their most prized possessions – their reindeer! You can learn about the herding lifestyle, feed the animals and even sing a Sami joik around the fire! Or why not head out into the town in Mauritius and take part in an amazing street food tour tasting all of the local produce in traditional family recipes. However you like to get involved, there is something for everyone in every destination.

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