Dolphin Spotting in Tenerife

Search the beautiful Canarian waters for whales and dolphins!

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Whales and Dolphins in Tenerife

This 3-hour excursion aboard your luxury boat will allow you to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Start your private trip with a sail through the best coves of Costa Adeje before arriving at the port of Armeñime – an ideal place to enjoy the beautiful natural environment while snorkelling or sunbathing. Enjoy some delicious local snacks such as fruit, Canarian sausage and local wines and beer before sailing out into the open ocean. Here you will find Pilot whales and Bottlenose dolphins who make these Canarian waters their permanent home due to the deep volcanic craters beneath the ocean providing them with food all year-round. Other species make their annual migration here too for this reason. There is also an abundance of sea turtles and many different bird species so you will not be disappointed!

It is possible to include a photographer or film-maker on board to capture your experience perfectly!

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