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Dorobo Mobile Camp

The hunter-gatherers of the Maasai people are known as Dorobo which has inspired this amazing mobile camp in the heart of the Masai Mara.

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Walking safaris with the true experts

The hunter-gatherers of the Maasai people are known as Dorobo. Inspired by the wanderings of the Dorobo people, we are delighted to offer the unique opportunity to partake in several days of walking and mobile camping on the savannah. Dorobo is the result of years of admiration and respect for the wandering hunter-gatherers of the Maasai people. Spending whole days of wandering with your Maasai guides, friendships for life are born and memories of a lifetime are secured. Walking safaris with the true experts, the Maasai, you rely on their wisdom and experience when you encounter the wildlife.

Your walks start in the morning from a chosen location. Following a few hours of walking, picnic lunch is served in the shade of a tree.  The afternoon walk takes you to the campsite where specially designed mobile tents and a fireplace await. Following a wholesome in-the-bush dinner, there will be storytelling and stargazing around the fireplace. By removing all unnecessary distractions we aim to bring guests closer to the very essence of the African Savannah. By walking with the Maasai you will get an authentic insight into the culture of the Maasai people – our friends and partners. The duration of the safari programme can be adjusted to suit guest preferences.

Dorobo Mobile camping offers a simple camping with soft mattresses, bucket shower and out boor toilet. This is ideal for hiking experience where you want to connect with the nature.

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