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Nærøyfjord Fjord Cruise

Take a cruise on Nærøyfjord to get up close to and immersed in its incredible beauty.

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Explore the Nærøyfjord

You can be assured that it is no coincidence that Nærøyfjord is featured on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. A fjord cruise through this narrow and beautiful fjord will give you the memory of a lifetime!

Regardless of the season, a cruise on the Nærøyfjord will be an unforgettable experience. Every season leaves its own unique touch on the fjord landscape: Frosty colours, white mountain peaks and ice-covered waterfalls during winter time; blooming deciduous trees and birds chirping during the spring; green trees and long, bright nights during the summer; and a golden terrain with fresh and clear air during the autumn.

Take a cruise on this spectacular fjord to get up close to and immersed in its incredible beauty.

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