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Northern Lights Chase

Head out into the night and chase the Aurora!

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Chasing the Aurora

Take a trip into Norway’s wide open landscape to search for the Northern Lights. You never know when or where the Aurora is likely to be seen, or how intense the activity will be, so your guide will search as far and wide as possible, taking you to all the most spectacular spots where the vastness of the spaces and the darkness will give you the highest chances to see the Northern Lights high above!

Chasing the Northern Lights with our carefully selected expert local guides will elevate your Northern Lights experience to a whole new level. As well as getting an opportunity to witness one of the world’s most beautiful natural phenomena in some of the world’s most beautiful scenery, you will also get the added thrill of the chase!

Get a perspective on Norway’s wilderness and the Northern Lights that most tourists don’t get to see, heading off the beaten track to experience the very best Norway has to offer.

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