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Jonny and Katie set up Off the Map Travel following a trip to see the Northern Lights in 2008. From the very start we wanted to do things differently from the other travel companies. Rather than sell thousands of trips to hundreds of destinations, we wanted to concentrate on a select few hand-picked locations. This means we really get to know our destinations, allowing us to provide first-hand in-depth knowledge to our customers. We were also frustrated at being told what we had to do by companies offering pre-set packages, which is why everything we do today is tailor-made to our customers’ requirements; after all it’s your holiday, so you should be able to choose what you want to do.

Jonny Cooper

Jonny caught the travel bug after travelling around the world following university, but it was years later when he first saw the Northern Lights that he knew what he wanted to do. His passion for the Northern Lights and the Arctic is what drives his ambition to ensure every customers holiday is as good as it possibly can be. “The Northern Lights are one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen and my job is most rewarding when I see and get feedback from customers who have enjoyed seeing them as much as I do”. Jonny can often be found in the Arctic developing new relationships and working with Off the Map’s suppliers and friends to make sure customers have a great time.

Contact Jonny on 01761 255007 or email


Katie Watson

Katie is passionate about travelling, meeting local people and going on new adventures. She has an aim to visit 100 countries by the time she is 70 and is well over half way there already! Katie spends a lot of time visiting suppliers and testing out new activities and accommodation options, her most memorable moment so far with Off the Map Travel is waking to the sound of howling wolves in northern Norway. Other highlights include abseiling in Gozo, reindeer sledding under the Aurora in Finnish Lapland, meditating on a frozen lake and seeing 6 blue whales in the Azores on one trip! On a day to day basis, Katie enjoys getting to know customers and building itineraries that are perfect for them as well as using social media to tell everyone what Off the Map Travel is up to!

Contact Katie on 01761 255000 or email


Mark Hayward

Mark is the director of Sway Communications and has been managing award winning campaigns for major and emerging active lifestyle, hospitality and travel companies for over 12 years. Specialising in inspiring people through the media to be more active and widen their travel experiences, Mark is passionate about the influence PR can have and has been working as part of the Off the Map Travel team since 2012 to build the businesses profiles in the UK, and internationally.

For any media inquiries contact Mark on 07731 752 09


Emma Conneely

Emma manages the Off the Map Travel office and on a day to day basis she enjoys liaising with suppliers in all our different destinations. Emma loves to experience new places, since Emma took her first trip to the Arctic in early 2015 on a tour of Swedish Lapland, she has also experienced Tromso, Kilpisjarvi, Iceland, West Sweden, Stockholm and the Maltese Island Gozo and hopes to see more. “Each destination has a completely unique feel, the ICEHOTEL in Swedish Lapland, the magical scenery of Iceland, the wilderness of Kilpisjarvi and the Fjords of Tromso. It’s impossible to choose a favourite!”
Contact Emma on 01761 255070 or email


Holly Park

From a young age travel has played a major part of Holly’s life. Having family and friends all over the world and also having lived in Belgium for 12 years herself, she is used to being on the move. Holly’s first trip to Norway and Sweden in November 2015 sparked a love for the Aurora and she was lucky enough to see them on her first evening! She is also our resident whale expert and is helping to find and create new and exciting whale watching destinations and products for our customers. Having seen Killer whales in Tromso and humpbacks and fin whales in Greenland she is now looking forward to spotting the amazing blue whales in the Azores in October 2016!

Contact Holly on 01761 255040 or email

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Florence Bryce

With a childhood of holidays spent horse riding, cycling and skiing, the only thing Florence wanted to do when she left school was to travel! Her gap year took her to live in Australia where she worked and backpacked, and then to South Africa to work on a game reserve. The only university course that inspired Florence was International Travel and Tourism Management – and her studies only served to cement her passion for adventurous travel! Every university holiday was an opportunity to explore a new destination, taking her across South East Asia and Europe. Working at Off The Map Travel is a dream job for Florence as she shares her passion for adventure and exploring new cultures with our customers. As our new Sustainability Officer she will be working closely with local charities to ensure protection of the natural environment of all our destinations, as well as working with providers to help keep destinations as sustainable as possible.

Contact Florence on 01761 255050 or email

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Becky Rice

Becky grew up in Wales and enjoyed many different family holidays. She loves to visit new places and enjoys taking in exciting cultures and sights. On a day to day basis Becky works closely with Emma in the admin team. She enjoys reading about all the unique customer itineraries and is looking forward to trying some of the destinations herself! Seeing the Northern Lights has always been a dream of hers and so she cannot wait to tick this one off from her bucket list.

Contact Becky on 01761 255070 or email


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