We are proud to announce that Off the Map Travel has become the first ever UK-based travel company to fully adhere to global marine charity, Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s (WDC) policy on ‘responsible whale watching’, across all of its products.

Having worked with suppliers around the world for a number of years, our latest uncompromising stance on our whale watching experiences has seen detailed scrutiny and measures put in place to ensure that whilst guests experience meeting these majestic mammals, any impacts are kept to an absolute minimum.

It is hoped that our stance on responsible whale watching will encourage others to also follow suit.

Our founder, Jonny Cooper, summed it up yesterday by saying that he is extremely proud of our commitment and are convinced that our customers will recognise that through us they are not only planning the trip of a lifetime but are also helping to keep whales and dolphins safe and free.

Vanessa Williams-Grey, who heads WDC’s responsible whale watching activities added;

“It’s great to see Off the Map Travel working hard to adopt our standards across all of their whale watching packages. We hope that others will also see the importance of responsible whale watching, in order to protect whales and dolphins and ensure that we will all be able to enjoy watching them for generations to come.”

For more information our responsible whale watching portfolio click here.