Whale watching and dolphin watching are life-changing experiences for many people. Here at Off The Map Travel we are committed to ensuring that future generations can enjoy whale watching and dolphin watching – and that means protecting the safety of the whales, dolphins and humans alike. Only by respecting these amazing animals can we hope to provide this fantastic experience sustainability.

As proud supporters of Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) we take this very seriously. Here are WDC’s top 10 tips for responsible whale watching.

10 Point Guide to Responsible Whale Watching

It is important that whale watching is operated in a safe and sustainable way for whales and for humans. This ten point guide covers the essential ways to watch whales safely, as defined by WDC.

  1. Always remember to let the whales and dolphins decide what happens.
  2. Keep your distance! Never go closer than 100m, or 200m if another boat is present.
  3. Maintain a steady direction and a slow ‘no wake’ speed.
  4. Never make a head on approach.
  5. Never move in-between whales or dolphins so as to avoid scattering or separating individuals.
  6. If you are ever unsure of a whale or dolphin’s movements, come to a stop and put the engine in neutral.
  7. If whales or dolphins approach your boat, maintain a slow speed and steady course until they are clear.
  8. Whales and dolphins should never be chased or harassed in an attempt to make them bow-ride.

    What is Bow-Riding?
    Bow-riding is when dolphins and whales surf in the wave created by boats and ships. They ride the pressurised wave of water ahead of the boat in such a way that it is easier for them to swim ahead of the vessel.

  9. Take special care around mothers and young, as well as around animals that are resting, feeding, breeding or socially active.
  10. Never try to swim with or touch whales or dolphins – this is for your safety and theirs.

Off The Map Travel provide truly tailor-made luxury whale watching holidays to multiple destinations where you can see whales for yourself while enjoying a variety of other activities. We have a commitment to Whale Watching and Conservation to ensure that all of our whale watching holidays and tours are run responsibly. Our travel specialists are always on hand to discuss your dream vacation package.

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