Summer Holidays


Summer Holidays

Summer holidays mean very different things to different people. Some like the idea of lying on a beach and reading a book, with a cocktail in hand, beneath the blazing sun, whilst others dream of exploring a tropical rainforest on the hunt for native wildlife. Whatever you fancy, we can make it happen. Whether you see yourself heading out on a RIB boat excursion to watch whales in the Azorean waters off the coast of Sao Miguel, exploring the tea plantations and steam train in Sri Lanka or spending a night in a see-through bubble in the heart of the Mauritian jungle there is plenty of choice for everyone.

Scandinavia offers the perfect summer playground for all ages and offers a side of these amazing countries that is often overlooked. Sweden and Norway are home to some of the most scenic beaches in the world and there is a whole host of other exciting places to explore including Finland and Iceland which enjoy the Midnight Sun throughout the summer months.

If you are looking for something totally unique and different, the summer months offer a wealth of unique opportunities in some of the most beautiful and remote destinations in the world. Try your luck searching the North Atlantic waters for hundreds of humpback whales swimming amongst the gigantic icebergs along the North West coast of Greenland or scour the remote landscape of the Svalbard archipelago for a sighting of a Polar bear.

Let us know what you’re looking for and we can help put together the perfect itinerary for you!

European Escape

There are so many reasons to love Europe in the summer - and so many destinations to choose from!

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Visit Malta

The Midnight Sun


Just as the Arctic Circle can lay claim to the beautiful Northern Lights in the winter, it is also the home of the Midnight Sun in the summertime. Simply put, this means up to 24 hours of daylight in the height of the season but throughout the months of April to September there are extended hours where the sun is high above the horizon meaning these amazing destinations are soaked in sunshine for more hours of the day allowing you to enjoy them to their fullest. Experience unique Arctic experiences such as fishing, hiking, kayaking and a whole host of others even when normally you would be tucked up and sleeping soundly.

A More Tropical Climate?

If you are looking to head south of the equator for a unique experience, you've come to the right place.

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Looking for Something Unique?

Head to some of the world's most unusual and unique destinations for your next summer adventure!

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Jørn Henriksen / Hurtigruten Svalbard

Explore Europe

One of the reasons we love Europe so much is because of the diversity of each unique destination. Sun seekers, adrenaline junkies, and nature lovers, we’ve got you covered. From the whales and volcanoes of the undiscovered Azores islands, to the crystal clear turquoise waters of Gozo, and even the sun drenched sandy beaches of Sweden and Norway, we know what makes the perfect summer holiday!

Summer in Scandinavia is a well-kept secret, and the midnight sun brings with it long light days perfect for exploring the lakes, mountains and forests – it even gets pretty hot up in the Arctic Circle in the summertime! Or why not set your sights further south and lose yourself in the cobbled streets of Italy, feel the sand beneath your toes in Tenerife, or savour the moment you first taste Lisbon’s famous Pasteis de Nata. These destinations may be more well travelled than the more remote places in northern Scandinavia but we have worked hard to find those unique and unusual accommodations and experiences that will make your European summer holiday that little bit extra special!

Let us help you find your own piece of European heaven this summer!


Itineraries to Inspire

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City Breaks

Visit Stockholm


One great way to experience Europe in the summertime is to enjoy spending some time in some of the gorgeous cities on offer. Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki are amazing options if you want to try one of the cool Scandinavian capitals, full of lovely shops, street cafes and buzzing restaurants. Or you could indulge yourself in the rich history and culture of Lisbon, Rome or Valletta. Not just any ordinary city breaks – our trips offer city kayaking, food and wine tours or why not explore the city from the rooftops! Everything is possible.

Great for Foodies

All of our destinations are home to some exceptional restaurants serving delicious food however Europe has such a wide variety of choice you will certainly find something to suit every taste bud!

Tropical Paradise

Many of us dream of taking a tropical vacation – amazing destinations filled with stunning scenery, exotic wildlife and experiences to soothe the soul and give you a new perspective on life. So let us help you put together an incredible holiday itinerary that maximises your rest and relaxation time whilst giving you the chance to explore these fascinating countries.

If you’re looking for a country with a large number of natural attractions then Costa Rica is perfect for you. Nearly a quarter of the country is protected due to being covered by National reserves.

“One word to describe Costa Rica? Diverse. It may be a small country but one region is totally different to the next. It was very exciting to be in the heart of the rainforest one minute and volcanic dry landscapes the next.”

– Jonny Cooper, Founder

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach-side location with perfectly turquoise waters and white sand then why not head to Mauritius? There is a wealth of amazing activities here also such as flightseeing or staying overnight in a unique bubble room within the jungle. Neighbouring island, Reunion, is certainly worth a visit – lying East of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean is it one of the most unusual island paradises in the world.

Another hot combination is Sri Lanka and the Maldives. An excellent choice for those wishing to combine the adventure and cultural excitement of Sri Lanka with the serenity of the beaches in the Maldives. A complete contrast despite being only a 90-minute flight away.

Get in touch with one of our Travel Designers today to put together your next tropical adventure!

Itineraries to Inspire

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Spotlight: Reunion Island


La Reunion Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean. Situated east of Madagascar and just a short flight hop away from Mauritius many people don’t even know it is there – but this tiny island has so much to offer. An incredible wealth of activities from kayaking to aqua hiking as well as whale watching, bird watching and exploring the local villages that exist within the old volcanic craters. Did you know, it is home to the highest peak in the Indian Ocean? Why not go and see it for yourself!

Whale Watching Holidays

In many of our destinations, especially those such as Costa Rica and Reunion, we can offer some amazing trips tailored towards helping you see these incredible creatures in the wild. Let us know if you'd like to include whale watching in your holiday itinerary.

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Out of the Ordinary

It is easy to be distracted by all the usual suspects when searching for inspiration for your next summer holiday but do you ever find yourself wondering whether there was somewhere a little more unusual that you could venture to instead? Well here at Off the Map Travel we can help you find your next unusual summer escape and make it one to remember for years to come!

The Arctic Circle may not be everyone’s first port of call when thinking about embarking on your annual summertime holiday however it is one of the most captivating places to explore and is often overlooked during the summer months meaning it is quiet, peaceful and a haven away from touristy hot spots. Contrary to popular belief it is not cold either – temperatures can still reach the 20’s or even higher in the summer months so it is a far cry from the minus temperatures that everyone would expect. Just as the winter can claim the Northern Lights, the summer gives you the Midnight Sun which extends your days so you can really make the most of your amazing summer adventure.

The infamous ICEHOTEL is now open 365 days a year so no longer do you have to wait until the depths of winter to experience an amazing overnight stay in a hotel made of ice. Svalbard, the last inhabited wilderness before you reach the North Pole, is the playground to a variety of unique wildlife such as polar bears, walruses and whales – you can even do summer dog sledding! Greenland is the world’s largest island and is also a whale lovers paradise but there is also some incredible scenery with the giant icebergs floating along the coastline.

Whatever you’re looking for, we will help you put together the summer trip of a lifetime!

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Unique Accommodations

If you're still wishing for a more traditional summer destination but want an unusual twist why not check out our amazing array of unique accommodations that will add an exciting edge to your dream holiday! Let our team of Travel Designers know what type of thing you are looking for and we can help with the best suggestions to suit your style and your budget!


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