Located in northern Finland, the Sami village of Kilpisjarvi is a stunning Arctic destination for those who love to travel.

It is a stone’s throw from the borders of Sweden and Norway and you can take a snowmobile tour up to where the three countries meet.

Surrounded by mountains from all three countries it boasts stunning scenery in every direction, even upwards, as Kilpisjarvi is perfect for a Finland Northern Lights holiday, boasting spectacular aurora borealis displays.

The Basics

Location: 69.0492° N, 20.7944° E
Area: tbc
Population: 114 (2000)
Time Zone: UTC+2

Getting There

Kilpisjarvi is a remote wilderness destination and getting there takes some time. With flights to Kittila and Enontekio in Finland via Helsinki or Tromso in Norway there are however lots of options.

You can then hire a car or take a private transfer on to Kilpisjarvi.


The average summer temperature in Kilpisjarvi is around 11.5°C with the average in winter dropping to around -12°C in January and February.

Temperatures in the winter in Lapland however can reach -30°C or below and so it is best to be prepared.


Kilpisjarvi has an abundance of waterfalls in the area. Tshahkal-river waterfall is the closest, at only 2km away from the village, and is well worth a visit.

Kilpisjarvi is very close to the point where the borders of Finland, Norway and Sweden meet.

Plants and Animals

Kilpisjarvi is abundant with animals and plants. Many rare flowers can be spotted on mountainsides in the summer and wild reindeer can be seen around the local area.

With two lakes containing a variety of fish, Kilpisjarvi is perfect for fishing or ice fishing.

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