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A vast Arctic tundra with monstrous glaciers that carve icebergs into the sea and a coastline of ice and ancient rock formations, Greenland is wild and untamed ideal for Arctic Expeditions and perfectly situated beneath the Auroral Oval for a Greenland Northern Lights holiday.

Summer in Greenland is a milder proposition with temperatures reaching up to 20 degrees and the midnight sun.

With its remote villages accessible by 4x4 in the summer and only by dogsled in the winter, this is a destination for the adventurous. A Greenland Arctic Adventure is a once in a lifetime experience and could be a perfect destination for your next adventure.

The Basics

Capital: Nuuk
Population: 56,000
Area: 2,166,086 SQ KM
Language: Danish
Currency: Danish krone

Best Time to Visit

In the summer, a Greenland adventure holiday is best taken between July and September during the thaw.

For a Greenland Arctic adventure or a Greenland Northern Lights holiday in the winter, visit from October to March. Specialised planning and guidance is essential for safe travel to remote areas in the winter.

Essential Experiences

  • Get up close to the Eqi glacier and icebergs on a boat cruise
  • Take a guided multi-day hike through the stunning Greenland tundra
  • See the Greenland Northern Lights dancing over its glaciers and ice formations
  • Dogsled to remote Arctic settlements
  • Sit back and watch huge icebergs float past

Food and Drink

Greenlandic cuisine is traditionally based on meat from marine mammals, game, birds, and fish with dishes normally containing high levels of protein. Dishes include:

  • Suaasat - traditional Greenlandic soup often made from seal, whale, reindeer or sea-birds
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked whale meat served with onions and potato
  • Dried cod and whale with whale blubber is a popular lunch and snack
  • Huckleberries (small Blueberries) can be found growing wild if you know what you are looking for

When it comes to drinks, local options include:

  • Greenlandic coffee - typically includes the addition of whiskey, Kahlúa or Grand Marnier with whipped cream
  • Ice beer – can feature 2000-year-old natural Arctic ice harvested from glaciers
  • Greenland homebrew - Until 1954, alcohol sales were heavily restricted in Greenland, so homebrewing is widely popular.

Where to go and what to do

Interested in Greenland?

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