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Northern Lights Holidays in Iceland

Iceland is perhaps best known for its dramatic volcanic scenery, wild and untamed nature and warm hospitality. However, if you look up into a clear, dark night sky, Iceland also offers its visitors a great chance to experience the Northern Lights.

Whether around Reykjavik or further north in Akureyri, Iceland is a destination that is well established in Aurora tourism. It has reputable operators are knowledgeable and practiced in delivering the best possible opportunities for Aurora hunting, creating tried-and-tested Iceland Northern Lights holidays.

The wide range of activities and accommodation mean that Iceland Northern Lights Holidays really can cater for everyone from the more budget conscious, to those looking for that once in a lifetime Aurora Adventure.

When the sun comes up in Iceland, you have everything from bustling city life, to some of the best volcanic wilderness on the planet to explore. Guests enjoy adventures up volcanoes, whale watching and spectacular waterfalls, not to mention the wonderful culture and food.

Iceland is a warm hearted, wilderness paradise, add to this the Aurora displays that rival any other Arctic destination and an Iceland Northern Lights Holiday could well be the key to your next dream itinerary.

Iceland Holiday Experiences

More About Iceland

When to see the Northern Lights in Iceland

The best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland is during the winter season, between December and March.

The Basics

  • Capital


  • Population


  • Area

    103,000 SQ KM

  • Language


  • Currency

    Icelandic Króna

Essential Experiences

Experience the Aurora Borealis in the skies of northern Iceland
Soothe yourself in Iceland’s sensuous steam baths
Get up close with Iceland’s geothermal wonders and explore its lava caves
Take a trip through the Icelandic tundra on a Super Jeep Tour

Food and Drink

Icelandic cuisine traces its roots back to Scandinavian traditions. Much of it is based on traditional preservation methods of pickling, drying and smoking. Popular dishes include:

  • Skyr – dairy product, similar to strained yogurt
  • Hangikjöt – smoked lamb
  • Kleinur – fried pastry
  • Laufabrauð – Icelandic bread that is most often eaten in the Christmas season
  • Þorramatur – a traditional buffet served at midwinter festivals
  • Rúgbrauð – dense dark and sweet rye bread

Popular Icelandic drinks include:

  • Brennivín – a clear, unsweetened schnapps
  • Kúmenkaffi – Caraway coffee

Interested in Iceland?

We make tailor-made itineraries to ensure that your Northern Lights Holiday in Iceland is perfect for you. Each package is made to meet your exact personalised requirements in order to guarantee that the trip is truly unique.

If you are interested in a Northern Lights Holiday in Iceland and would like to speak to one of our personal travel experts, simply call +44 (0) 800 566 8901 or leave us a message through our Contact Us page. We can’t wait to make your dream holiday a reality.

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