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Greenland North Greenland

Greenland is one of the few remaining wildernesses on the planet and is perfect for exploring all year round.


North Greenland at a glance

In Greenland there is no real road infrastructure meaning that this really is an amazing trip into an untouched wilderness. With its remote villages accessible by boat in the summer and only by dogsled or snowmobile in the winter, this is a destination for the adventurous.

A Greenland Arctic Adventure is a once in a lifetime experience and could be a perfect destination for your next adventure.

Experiences in North Greenland

There are so many amazing things to do in the North of Greenland. In the summer months why not hike between settlements and explore the coastline on foot whilst watching whales play in the water below or in the winter head out with your Inuit guide on a dog sledding adventure beneath the Aurora.
Spend a night in a real igloo made out of snow and ice in the far reaches of Northern Greenland!

Igloo Lodge

Spend a night in a real igloo made out of snow and ice in the far reaches of Northern Greenland!
Experience the magic of whale watching under the Midnight Sun.

Whale Watching under Midnight Sun

Experience the magic of whale watching under the Midnight Sun.
Stay in a unique cabin overlooking Disko Bay in Greenland.

Ilimanaq Lodge

Stay in a unique cabin overlooking Disko Bay in Greenland.
Experience the magic of the Midnight Sun as you paddle between the icebergs.

Kayaking under the Midnight Sun

Experience the magic of the Midnight Sun as you paddle between the icebergs.

General Information

Northern Greenland actually sits in the middle of the West Coast of this massive island. This is due to the fact that the majority of the population live South of the Arctic Circle! Northern Greenland provides all of the amazing one-of-a-kind experiences you would associate with this beautiful country - Dog Sledding, Northern Lights, Midnight Sun and lots of icebergs! Ilulissat with it's impressive icefjord is the main town of Northern Greenland and is a popular tourist destination. Disko Island sits off the West Coast and is a magical place to explore the diverse landscape of volcanic rocks and glaciers.






2,166,086 SQ KM




Danish Krone

Best time to visit

Summer: July- September Winter: October- March

Destinations in North Greenland


Ilullisat & Disko Bay

Ilulissat, formerly know as Jakobshavn or Jacobshaven, is a coastal Arctic town in Northern Greenland. Known for it’s icefjord and huge icebergs it means this beautiful destination is ever-changing.

  • The Disko Bay area lies to the West of the mainland and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Travel Facts

Learn more about flights, climate and geography for this destination.

There are several airports locally within Northern Greenland however most are too small for large aircraft and therefore flights are usually via one of the main hubs such as Kangerlussuaq. Ilulissat has an airport 2.8km away from the town centre and is one of the only airports serviced with a direct flight from Iceland.

Ferries are also present and this is the best way of travelling between towns on Greenland during the summer (unless you are into some serious hiking!), as there are no roads connecting the different towns. In the wintertime travel is generally by dog sled or snowmobile.

Ilulissat & the Disko Bay area can have very low temperatures in the winter months averaging around -14°C in the winter and reaching 8°C in the summer.

Daylight hours range from zero in December and January, to over 10 in mid-summer.

Much of Greenland is covered in a large ice sheet and all major settlements, including Ilulissat, are located on its west coast.

Due to the glaciers in the area many icebergs can be found in the waters around Ilulissat and boat tours can be taken to view them up close.

There are many animals that live on Greenland. Many species of whale can be spotted from Humpback whales to Narwhales, from the coastline all year round, with some even entering the harbours.

Walruses and Seals can also be spotted on the coast. It is estimated that there are over 2 million seals in Greenland’s waters.

On land there are many reindeer herds and polar bears can also be spotted usually in regions further north, although they occasionally come closer to the settlements.

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