Northern Lights Holidays

We specialise in providing tailor-made Northern Lights holidays; whether you are interested in memorable Northern Lights trips or something more adventurous like a soft adventure tour, we are sure to please. Our travel experts have put together a selection of the very best luxury travel destinations which are considered to be the best places in the world to see the aurora borealis – if you have always wanted experience a Northern Lights trip then contact us today.

We have simplified our choice of holidays to see the Northern Lights as our focus is on quality over quantity; we may not offer thousands of choices, but the Northern Lights trips we do offer have all been hand selected by our team. Whatever you are looking to get out of your Northern Lights holidays, your Aurora holidays will be built to suit your exact requirements.

Whether you would prefer a personal guide to show you the delights of our luxury Arctic holidays, join one of our small travel groups, or prefer to travel independently, we will tailor our Northern Lights holidays to help you have the trip of a lifetime.

Luxury Northern Lights Holidays Destinations

Visible in an area called the Auroral Oval, this special area forms a ring around the magnetic North Pole concentrated between 65 -72 degrees latitude, although they can often be seen outside these latitudes depending on solar activity levels. This means that countries such as Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland are perfectly positioned for a luxury Northern Lights holiday. All of our Northern Lights holidays and destinations are selected to give you the best chance of seeing this amazing natural phenomena.

Active Aurora Holidays

The Northern Lights can only be seen at night but there is no need to worry about finding things to do during the day. Our luxury Northern Lights holidays can offer a wide variety of activities such as: cross country skiing, dog sledding, snowmobiling and ice fishing. Whatever your tastes, there will be shortage of things to keep you occupied on our trips and tours.

The Best Time to See the Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis can be seen between September and March, and is visible from nightfall to sunrise, although the best hours are typically between 9pm and midnight. While you will need to be under open, dark skies for a clear view of the lights, the Aurora is so powerful that it can still be seen under clouds. Other factors to consider are which other activities you would like to plan into your Northern Lights trip – there is a lot to choose from and this will affect where and when you travel.

Aurora Tour of the Month

Arctic October Half Term 2017

Looking for something to do with the kids this October Half Term? Why not treat them to a memorable educational once-in-a-lifetime experience to see some of the Arctic’s ‘best bits’. Humpback and killer whales in the fjords of Norway. Wolves, lynx and brown bears at Polar Park near Narvik. Sami culture and traditions in Swedish Lapland. Not just a memorable trip with lots of exciting activities but also fascinating for both adults and children keen to learn more about the Arctic and all its history, culture, sights and lifestyle.

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Northern Lights Hunt

Northern Lights Holidays with a Taste of Sami Culture

Northern Lights Holidays with Whale Watching


It has long been said that northern Sweden is one of the absolute best places to visit for Aurora holidays whether as part of a group or as romantic luxury Northern Lights holidays for two. Northern Sweden welcomes you with open arms, spectacular views, roaring fires and plenty of authentic Arctic Aurora holiday adventure activities. Read more about northern lights holidays in Sweden >>


Northern Norway has it all, with big cities (well, big for the Arctic Circle), spectacular coastline, fjords, islands, mountains and unspoiled Arctic tundra. Add to that the fact that areas like Tromso and Narvik are on an ideal latitude for trips to see the Northern Lights in Norway, and you have the perfect recipe for your dream Aurora holidays. Read more about northern lights holidays in Norway >>


As well as bursting with some of the greatest geothermal and natural wonders on the planet, Iceland also boasts some of the best trips to see the Northern Lights, making it perfect for luxury Northern Lights holidays. From the thrill of a Super Jeep ride, to the relaxation of floating in a geothermal pool under the Aurora, Reykjavik or Akureyri both make perfect bases for your next Northern Lights holidays in Iceland as well as you multi-destination luxury Arctic holidays.
Read more about northern lights holidays in Iceland >>


If you are looking for luxury Arctic holidays that really let you get away from it all, then consider Salla and Kilpisjarvi, in northern Finland for your Northern Lights family holidays and romantic getaways. The perfect location for your trips to see the Northern Lights, these locations boast some of the darkest skies around making them absolutely ideal for Aurora Borealis holidays. Furthermore, there’s plenty to see and do during the daylight hours whether you are on a short Northern Lights trip in Finland, or are taking longer luxury Northern Lights holidays. Read more about northern lights holidays in Finland >>


One of the ultimate destinations for trips to see the Northern Lights is the Yukon region in northern Canada. One of the main appeals is that it is a sparsely populated yet still easily accessible part of North America, offering completely unspoiled wilderness from which to enjoy your Northern Lights holidays. A benefit of choosing Northern Lights holidays in Canada is that it has one of the longest Aurora spotting seasons compared to other destinations in the Arctic Circle (September to April), and there are a huge number of outdoor activities to enjoy on your Aurora holidays in Canada. Read more about northern lights holidays in Canada >>

Interested in Luxury Northern Lights Holidays?

If you are looking for a luxury Northern Lights holiday experience that combines first-hand expertise with a tailor-made touch, look no further. We will work with you to create a bespoke itinerary that uses our in-depth knowledge to perfectly meet your exact requirements. Your trips to see the Aurora Borealis will leave a lasting impression, and we are sure you’ll want to visit time and time again.

To talk to one of our own travel experts about your next trip, simply call +44 (0) 800 566 8901 or leave us a message through our Contact page. We can’t wait to help make your dream Northern Lights holiday a reality.


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