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It was travelling back from a visit to Bjorkliden and Abisko that Jonny Cooper, the founder of Off the Map Travel, decided that he wanted to help give other people the opportunity to marvel at the stunning Northern Lights and experience the thrill of Arctic Sweden.

As a climbing, canoeing and mountain biking instructor Jonny had seen the growth of enthusiasm for adventure activities. At the same time he realised that a lot of people wanted to be adventurous without the ‘soggy sandwich and cold cup of tea’ that is associated with that type of holiday – and so Off the Map Travel was born.

Launching in 2010, Jonny brought together a passionate group of people, who themselves love adventure, to tailor-make trips specialising in a new niche of soft adventure. Allowing people to go to stunning destinations like Bjorkliden, that are both off the regular travel routes and that deliver adventurous breaks with a luxurious touch.

It was important to Jonny and the team at Off the Map Travel that this remains a tailored experience as each group, and individual’s, interpretation of adventure is different. This flexibility allows the team to not only create a trip that will leave lasting memories, but one that is organised to each person’s exacting requirements and needs.

On many occasions it is the natural environment that has led Off the Map Travel to its destinations. Whether an amazing glacier in Greenland, forest habitat in West Sweden or whale migratory route in Iceland, it is important that whilst visiting and enjoying these amazing destinations, that Off the Map Travel work hard to preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

Off the Map Travel have developed a responsible travel policy which sets out how they work with destinations to ensure that they preserve the very things that led the team to explore them in the first place.

Climate change is also a pressing global issue facing us all, especially when considering international travel. Therefore, Off the Map Travel offset the carbon emissions from any flights associated with its trips working closely with ClimateCare who reduce global greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of companies and individuals.

Today Off the Map Travel offer both summer and winter soft adventure holidays with a focus on different destinations that are easily accessible but not offered by many other tour operators. On the date of publication this includes Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Gozo and the Spanish Pyrenees but they continue to expand as they find those destinations with something a little different.

It is, however, the stunning region of northern Sweden in Bjorkliden and Abikso that has always been so highly regarded by the team at Off the Map Travel, as it was here surrounded by snow and that arctic mountains, under the clear dark skies and thousands of stars that the Northern Lights appeared and inspired Jonny to help others to also experience this incredible phenomenon.

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