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Holidays to Sweden

Sweden delivers a pleasing mix of contradictions from dense forest and serene lakes to Arctic tundra with snow-peaked mountains and modern, stylish cities.

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Experience more » Photo Credit: Asaf Kliger

All Holidays

Experience more » Photo Credit: Asaf Kliger

Sweden at a Glance

Sweden is truly a perfect country when it comes to choosing a destination that offers something year-round.

From the beautiful northern part of Swedish Lapland, you will discover mountains and forests, dog sledding, snowmobiling, and aurora spotting opportunities. Then comes the unique accommodations to encounter such as the famous Icehotel, Tree Hotel, Arctic Bath, there are luxury arctic retreats and lavvus to spend the night in.

West Sweden has a stunning coastline to discover through activities such as kayaking, hiking, or boat safaris – it’s capital city Gothenburg is a vibrant city with luxury hotels and fantastic opportunities for places to eat.

Then there is Stockholm the Capital city which is steeped in history, boutique hotels, and each district is connected by bridges with the city built amongst fourteen islands.

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Explore Sweden

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Stockholm, Sweden’s Capital city, is the perfect city to discover throughout the year. Known as the world’s biggest smallest city it has plenty to offer when it comes to exploring there.

In the winter you can use it as a stopover before heading further north to discover Swedish Lapland and during this season it is perfect to visit the Chrismas markets or head out to do some ice skating at Kungsträdgården and many other locations.

Through further seasons you have a wealth of amazing hikes to choose from both inside and outside of the city or perhaps you might prefer to sample some of the cafes and enjoy an outdoor fika. There are plenty of world heritage sites to discover, always an event or exhibition, and then a wonderful wealth of restaurants to eat at.


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Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland is probably the most famous part of Sweden that people like to visit in the Winter. It is here that you will discover the exciting prospect of spotting the aurora, being immersed in its snowy landscapes, with the most fascinating of accommodations to stay in.

In Kiruna you will find the famous Icehotel where a night can be spent in temperatures of -5 , if that isn’t your cup of tea then why not have the perfect luxury stay at Fjellborg Arctic Lodge or a more family orientated stay, plus the benefits of an Aurora Spa, at Camp Ripan.

Then there is the city of Lulea where you can head to discover the unique Treehotel, Aurora Safari Camp and Arctic Bath. In March you can snowmobile out onto the frozen archipelago from Brandon Lodge to see the pack ice from the sea! Then there are plenty of lodges to escape to such as the Arctic Retreat and Loggers Lodge.


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West Sweden

West Sweden is a real hidden gem that needs to be discovered – the fact that most Scandinavians head here for their holidays speaks volumes on why it is so popular and the ‘go to’ place in Sweden during the Summer and Autumn months.

Starting in the city of Gothenburg which is known as the ‘culinary and festival capital of Sweden’ you have a host of great hotels to choose from here and when it comes to places to eat; if you are meat eater, shellfish lover, or vegan you will be truly spoilt for choice!

From Gothenburg, you can then head out by either car or by train to explore the lakes, forest, islands, and pretty coastal villages of the three provinces of Bohuslän, Dalsland and Västergötland! These three main provinces offer contrasting landscapes and activities that include sea kayaking, cycling, and hiking.

There is so much nature to discover too from seals, dancing cranes (in the March/April months), to learning about endangered species at Nordens Ark.


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