Not only is Akureyri a perfect destination for an Iceland Northern Lights holiday, it is also an active geothermal region; is a jump off point to whale watching and delivers a winter wonderland for a wide range of fin in the snow.

Iceland’s second largest city, Akureyri, sits on the shores of the north coast’s Eyjafjordur Fjord - one of the most stunning fjords in Iceland.

At 66 degrees north of the Arctic Circle, Akureyri is well-positioned for an Iceland Aurora holiday as well as offering warm hospitality and an authentic Icelandic experience.

The Basics

Location: 65°41′N 18°06′W
Population: 17,754
Area: 125 km2
Time Zone: GMT – 1 hour

Getting There

Getting to Akureyri generally requires a domestic flight from Reykjavik, but during the summer direct flights from Copenhagen are possible.

Most major airports support flights direct to Reykjavik with flights from Reykjavik to Akureyri running regularly throughout the day.


Akureyri has one of the warmest average climates in Iceland, with an average summer temperature of 14°C which drops to 0.9°C in the winter. The mountains surrounding the town help to shield it from much of the wind.


Located in the north of Iceland 100 km from the Arctic Circle, Akureyri is surrounded by many mountains with the highest being Kista standing at 1447 metres.

The river Glerá runs through the centre of the town. It originates from the Tröllaskagi glacier located inland.

Plants and Animals

Akureyri has similar wildlife to that of Reykjavik. Wild horses roam free in many areas and can be seen from the roadside.

Much of the island is barren and lacks plants which make Iceland a truly spectacular and special destination.

Many species of marine life thrive in the Icelandic waters including a variety of species of whale making it a great base from which to take a whale watching trip.

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