North Cape

Nordkapp - the North Cape - is one of the last remaining dry lands between you and the North Pole.

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Destination in detail

Head above the threshold of 71º North to the pretty seaside town of Honningsvåg for an exciting visit to the famous North Cape! The Northernmost city of Norway, and one of the smallest. Due to its position on the Gulf Stream, Honningsvåg enjoys milder temperatures compared to other locations of similar latitudes - in fact, winters are often warmer than those in Oslo. Our favourite activity is fishing for the mighty King Crab - the waters around North Cape are abundant with Arctic sea life such as whales and dolphins.


70.98° N 25.97° E


2415 (2013 - Honnigsvag)


1.07km2(Honnigsvåg), 925.7km2(Nordkapp)

Time Zone


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Travel Facts

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Getting there
Due to its unique and remote location, getting to North Cape can take some time, but it’s certainly worth it! There are frequent flights into Alta Airport, from which a 3 to 4 hour drive will bring you to North Cape.

North Cape has a surprisingly mild climate considering it’s northerly position. With an average July temperature of 12℃, you’ll have ideal conditions for enjoying the midnight sun. January and February see average temperatures of -3℃, but temperatures can drop down to -15℃.

North Cape is the point where the Norwegian Sea meets the Barents Sea.  The steep cliff of North Cape is Europe’s closest point to the North Pole.

Plants and Animals
Due to it’s Northerly located, there are no trees in North Cape, but hundreds of plant species, some of which are extremely rare. One of Europe’s largest bird sanctuaries is located near to Nordcapp. In the summer months, reindeer are often spotted grazing in the mountains. The waters around North Cape don’t freeze, thanks to the Gulf Stream. This creates perfect conditions for aquatic life, such as the King Crab, whales and dolphins, as well as many species of fish.

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