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West Sweden is an exciting mix of lakes, forests, islands and pretty coastal villages. The coastal city of Gothenburg is the second biggest in Sweden.

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Highlights of West Sweden

West Sweden is characterised by wild and dense forests, glittering lakes, and rivers. A perfect base for a Sweden luxury adventure holiday.

With 450 square km of open water, the region is recognised as a world-class destination for kayaking and a perfect getaway for those who enjoy freshwater swimming.

With an abundance of wildlife and stunning scenery, it is definitely not one to miss.

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Suggested Itineraries in West Sweden

Christmas Magic in Gothenburg

Experience more »

Escape to Pater Noster

Experience more » @Erik Nissen Johansen

Christmas Magic in Gothenburg

Experience more »

Escape to Pater Noster

Experience more » @Erik Nissen Johansen

Unique properties in Gothenburg

Clarion Post Hotel

Experience a night off the West coast of Sweden by staying at Pater Noster

Pater Noster

Experience a night off the West coast of Sweden by staying at Pater Noster

Getting There

Gothenburg has many ways of accessing it. To start with you have Gothenburg Ladnvetter Airport where international flights fly – other options include flying into either Oslo (4hrs), Stockholm (3.5 hrs), or even Copenhagen (4hrs) and getting the train from those cities there. That way you can do a twin centre and, at the right time of year, get to see all the parts of the country on a scenic train ride.

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Due to its latitude, West Sweden has a relatively mild climate. The winters are short and can be quite cold with an average temperature of around 0 but the summer offers long daylight hours and warm with temperatures sometimes reaching the late twenties or above. In general, the climate is similar to that of Southern England.

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