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Dalsland’s unspoilt wilderness of dense forests, lakes and waterways is a dream destination for those looking for a Sweden Adventure Holiday.

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Destination in detail

Dalsland’s unspoilt wilderness of dense forests, lakes and waterways is a dream destination for those looking for a Sweden Adventure Holiday. Sparsely populated with 50,527 people living there, around14 inhabitants/km², the region contains some of Europe’s best examples of unspoilt wilderness. Just 1.5 hours away from Gothenburg the dense forests and density of lakes have given Dalsland the unofficial name of Sweden's lake province.


59.2740° N, 12.4480° E




3,708 km2

Time Zone

GMT + 1

Experiences in Dalsland

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Getting There

Getting to Dalsland couldn’t be easier with regular flights serving both Gothenburg Landvetter and Gothenburg Save airports as well as Oslo Rygge which is also close by. Once you have arrived at the airport there are many car hire options and the drive is around 1.5 hours.


Due to its latitude, Dalsland has a relatively mild climate. The winters are short and can be quite cold with an average temperature of around 0 but the summer offers long daylight hours and warmth with temperatures sometimes reaching the late twenties or above. In general the climate is similar to that of Southern England.


Dalsland does not get the name of Sweden’s Lake Province for no reason. No other area of Sweden has so many lakes. Part of Lake Vanern, Sweden’s largest lake, is in the region. With much of the land covered with forest this is a truly beautiful area.

Plants and Animals

The flora and fauna of Dalsland changes throughout the seasons. Divided up into forest, valleys and plains it is home to many beautiful flowers such as lupins as well as many mushrooms and berries.

Sweden is home to a variety of small and large mammals from beavers to elk both of which are easy to spot in Dalsland. There are also many species of birds and butterfly.

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