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Whale Watching in Ilulissat

Experience the magic of whale watching under the Midnight Sun.

© Julie Skotte, Visit Greenland

Whales and the Midnight Sun

What could be more thrilling than watching hundreds of majestic whales feed, dive and jump in their natural habitat? Well, combine this experience with 24 hours of daylight, high up in the Arctic Circle, in one of the most remote landscapes on earth and a beautiful multi-colour sunlight being cast over gigantic icebergs as a backdrop and perhaps you might just top it!

Ilulissat in North Greenland in the setting for this amazing experience and is one of the last true wildernesses in the world. Far away, on the largest island in the world, it is a veritable playground for a variety of whale species all year round with humpbacks being the most widely seen in the summer months and rarer species, such as Narwhal and Belugas, can sometimes be seen in the winter.

On this small group tour you will have the chance to set sail amongst the icebergs and hope to spot these beautiful creatures in the glorious midnight sun.

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