With many active golfers on the search for the next challenge, a range of unique and spectacular experiences have been created across the globe for those in search of the ultimate golf experience – none more extreme than the 9 holes in Bjorkliden, Swedish Lapland.

Situated x miles north of the Arctic Circle, Bjorkliden is not only one of the best destinations for the northern lights, but also delivers the chance for you to ski, go dog sledding and play a truly unique round of golf – all on the same day.

The golf course, which is the most northerly in Sweden, is nestled amongst the arctic mountains providing some shelter from the sub-zero winter. The 9-hole course plays as a more familiar grass covered round during the summer months, but is then buried under metres of snow during the winter.

In 2012 a local entrepreneur had the revelation that they could provide a new, yet genuine, golfing experience by reconstructing the course during the winter season using ski-slope preparation vehicles rather than mowers to groom the fairways and greens.

Jonny Cooper, director of Off the Map Travel, said: “It really is a strange experience. Not only are you dressed in a few more layers than normal, you really do have to play the most accurate golf of your life. If you thought it hard looking for your ball in the rough, try a snowdrift!”

This unique experience, takes an even more incredible turn, as the course can also played with a guide at night under the splendour of the northern lights. Specially designed glowing golf balls are used to make it all possible. Jonny continues: “This really is an experience every golfer should have. It takes the concept of golf to a completely new level and really puts a huge smile on your face.”

Specialist soft adventure travel company, Off the Map Travel work in partnership with Bjorkliden to organise tailor made trips to Northern Sweden with prices starting from £975 per person based on 2 sharing for 3 nights, not including flights.

For more information, visit www.offthemap.travel or call 0800 566 8901

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