When thinking about booking holidays, many people contemplate the question of whether it is better to book early or hold out for a late deal.

Here at Off the Map Travel we see both types of customer with many people enquiring about a holiday over a year before their travel date and others wanting to leave in the next few weeks. As all our holidays are tailor-made we do not reduce prices closer to the date and we also do not inflate our prices just because it is the school holidays.

In general the destinations we offer and accommodation we use are special places with limited availability. We do not have any hotels with hundreds of rooms that we can sell at a discount. So to conclude if you want total choice and flexibility over your holiday the earlier you contact us the better and this does not mean increased prices! So if you are thinking of West Sweden, the Spanish Pyrenees, Aland or Gozo for next summer then feel free to contact us today and start your adventure with Off the Map Travel!

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