As travel restrictions begin to lift and get a little less complicated we decided that it was high time to share some exciting new products for Off the Map Travel which will offer the most fascinating of new horizons to discover.

Pater Noster is an exciting addition to our unique hotels, and has already been voted as Best Concept Hotel in the World. Off the coast, in West Sweden, our new Escape to Pater Noster trip is a really exciting adventure that takes you out to the small island immersing yourself in the sea and the most dramatic of scenery – a horizon that will constantly change.

Much further north and nestled amongst the Norwegian mountains and coastline lies Mefjord Brygge – a stunning location in Senja that sees the jagged mountains meet the ocean creating the most beautiful of backdrops to discover.

Our new location and suggested trip, Senja Adventure, takes you up to this beautiful part of Norway via Tromso. It is a location available all year round, whether you are searching for the beautiful aurora in the night skies or heading out to hike beneath the midnight sun.

Not far from Senja are the famous Lofoten Islands. We have a number of properties we can offer you here for an unforgettable adventure, one of these being Lofoten Links. They are in a prime position – north-facing – therefore ideal for viewing the northern lights!

This makes it a perfect spot to look out for the aurora from, but with winter coming to a close there is the midnight sun to catch instead. The property is made up of lodges each with stunning views towards the coastline – those that enjoy horse riding have a number of trips they can take part in and, as the name might suggest, there is gold that can be played here during the Summer months – just watch out for the seagulls stealing those golf balls!

In Finland, one can watch the horizon perched in the famous Eagle View Suite which is part of our new accommodation at Iso Syote where you can discover some incredible views at the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel.

The Eagle View Suite sits majestically on the edge of the hotel, offering the most incredible view. Whether you are watching the sunrise or staying cosy after a day in the snow, it is a special location to experience!

Another new addition is our Journey to South Greenland itinerary – focusing on one of the more remote sides of Greenland which dazzles you with its scenery, made up of icebergs, mountains, and fjords.

If one has had the urge to escape and head out on an unforgettable adventure then this is a trip that has to be done. You’ll start in Copenhagen before flying across to Narsarsuaq and that is where your journey really begins! Discover Viking ruins, slalom through icebergs, and soak in hot springs whilst feeling that you are one of the last people on the planet.

Finally, we cannot forget Iceland and would love to introduce our Panorama Glass Lodge Escape, based in a perfectly remote location only 1.5 hours away from the capital of Reykjavik. These glass lodges – four in total – have jaw-dropping views over the Icelandic countryside.

You can visit here by doing a self-drive trip or you could have your own private guide to take you there and take your out on some exciting trips to explore the world around you there.

Think it is about time you got out there and travel again? Whether you wish to escape to the city for a long weekend, plan a self-drive to the Nordic region in the Summer, or get thinking about those Northern Lights in Winter 2022!

We are ready and waiting for you because we can’t wait to help you fulfill your dreams and see the world again!