Nestled in the heart of Sweden, the picturesque region of Dalarna beckons luxury travellers to indulge in a summer escape like no other. Renowned for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality, Dalarna is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. As the summer sun bathes the region in a golden glow, Off the Map’s new location, ‘Hello Sunnanhed’, emerges as the epitome of opulence and tranquility, offering an unparalleled retreat for those seeking an exclusive experience this summer.

Dalarna, often referred to as the “Soul of Sweden,” captivates visitors with its enchanting blend of nature and tradition. Verdant forests, crystal-clear lakes, and rolling hills create a mesmerizing backdrop for a summer getaway. The region is steeped in history, boasting traditional red wooden cottages, historic churches, and vibrant folklore that adds a touch of magic to every corner.

During the summer months, Dalarna comes alive with a myriad of outdoor activities. From hiking and biking trails that wind through lush forests to tranquil boat rides on shimmering lakes, there’s something for every luxury traveller seeking both adventure and relaxation.

A Luxurious Haven: Hello Sunnanhed

For those with a penchant for luxury, Hello Sunnanhed stands out as the premier accommodation option in Dalarna. This exquisite retreat seamlessly blends modern comfort with the region’s traditional charm, offering a unique and indulgent experience.

Nestled amidst the serene countryside, Hello Sunnanhed is a luxurious oasis where every detail is meticulously crafted to provide the utmost in relaxation. The accommodation boasts spacious suites adorned with elegant furnishings, private balconies overlooking the scenic landscape, and indulgent amenities that cater to the desires of even the most discerning travelers.

Guests at Hello Sunnanhed can revel in the lap of luxury, with personalized services and gourmet dining options that showcase the finest local cuisine. The architecture of the retreat is inspired by Dalarna’s heritage, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding nature while providing a haven of comfort and sophistication.

The summer season in Dalarna is a celebration of nature’s bounty. From June to August, the days are long, allowing visitors to make the most of the abundant sunlight. Explore the vibrant local markets in quaint villages, where artisans showcase traditional craftsmanship, or embark on a cultural journey through open-air museums that depict the rich history of the region.

Off the Map Travel has a new and exclusive itinerary coming to you very soon, featuring Hello Sunnanhed and its beautiful offerings. Keep an eye out on our website – launching soon!