For most people, food and the places you dine play a huge part of any holiday. Whether it’s trying new foods entirely, experiencing local cuisine or choosing new and exciting restaurants to try it is a real highlight of any trip. Scandinavians love their food and they have a high focus on quality ingredients and unusual methods of preparation so as to charm and delight their visitors. They are also exceptional at creating the overall atmosphere in which you can dine – and in the North in particular, dining remotely outside in the wild is an experience unmatched by many.

Here are just a couple of the foodie experiences you can include in your trip with us to explore and enjoy not just the food, but also the location; and there are many more so speak to one of our Adventure Artists today to find out more.

ICEHOTEL – The Art[ist]ic Table
A brand new and exciting experience for those visiting Swedish Lapland and the ICEHOTEL is The Art[ist]ic Table. Set in a glade, in the Arctic forest and next to a beautiful lake, guests will be greeted by a set table made of ice where they will be served a delicious 4-course dinner cooked over open fire by their private chef for the evening. Guests will enjoy a unique opportunity to get close to the gastranomic art of cooking and enjoy not only the food itself but the incredibly unique location.

Ice Dining at the Treehotel
The Treehotel offers amazing architectural delights in each of their rooms within the forest but a real highlight of a stay here is the ice dining. A beautiful activity beneath the moonlight in the wintertime (between December and mid-April) guests will walk out to a heated teepee tent on the frozen lake and sit on reindeer skins to enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner prepared by their chef. Wild, unusual and a definite highlight to a stay at the Treehotel.

Arctic Retreat Aurora Dinner
Staying at the Arctic Retreat is a delightful experience in itself – beautiful, modern log cabins set in the heart of the Lulea forest in Swedish Lapland with glass windows overlooking the lake and perfectly positioned hot tubs whereby guests can sit back, relax and hope for the Aurora to appear overhead. A special dining experience that you can add to your stay here is the Aurora Hideaway Dinner. Take a short walk by snowshoe through the forest to a secluded spot where an open fire awaits you and delicious dinner served to you by your hosts. A combination of the crisp, cold air, the crackling fire and delicious fare will mean that even if the Aurora doesn’t show you will still have had a very special night to remember forever!

Lappish Dinner in Finnish Lapland
This tour is a must for families or groups of friends interested in learning a great deal more about the delightful culture of Finland. Experience a traditional dinner and sauna on the banks of a beautiful lake. Upon arrival at this wonderful destination guests will learn how to heat a Finnish sauna. While you wait for the sauna to heat up you will have the chance to play some fun outdoor games and hunt for the northern lights. When you feel warm and cleansed there is the chance to take a dip in the lake after the sauna. After this refreshing experience you can guarantee that you will be feeling hungry! Waiting for you in the cosy cottage will be delicious glow-fried salmon and other delicacies of Lapland. A perfect wild dining experience!

Aurora Hideaway at Brandon Lodge
Set off from your cosy log cabins and onto the middle of a frozen lake where a cute cabin on skis awaits you with your host and chef ready to prepare you a delicious dinner cooked alfresco in the snow on an open fire! Spend the evening enjoying the picturesque landscape and searching the skies for the Aurora overhead.