Northern Lights holidays are an wonderful opportunity to experience different cultures, to learn about traditions and to understand the rich history of the various destinations where you can enjoy the fantastic aurora. Throughout recorded history, the lights themselves have inspired many myths and legends, each one unique to the place of its inception.

Northern Lights Myths & Legends

The Northern Lights are an inspiring sight that has amazed viewers throughout recorded history. Over time they have inspired multiple stories in societies the world over. Join us in exploring some of the weird and wonderful Northern Lights myths and legends.


The Algonquin people of Canada believe the lights are lit by their cultural hero Nanahzho to let his people know he is thinking of them.


The indigenous people of Greenland believed that the lights were the dancing spirits of the dearly departed.


There is a Finnish myth that the lights are caused by the ‘Fire Fox’ running so fast across the sky that its tail causes bright sparks.


The native peoples of Iceland associated the Northern Lights with childbirth, believing that they would relieve pain as long as the mother didn’t look at them – if she did the child would be born cross-eyed!


The Sami people of Norway believed the Aurora to be caused by the spumes of water ejected by whales.

Swedish myths hold that the Northern Lights are a sign of good news and prosperity, promising good harvests for farmers and great catches for fishermen.


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