Visiting a spa has long been known as a great way to ‘heal’ in some way – whether thats relaxation, rejuvenation or to calm the mind. In history; spas were visited by native people, roman soldiers and paupers to bathe in warm mineral springs famed for their ability to cure ailments and and alleviate pain. In today’s world; spas are much more than this – offering a huge variety of different experiences. But nobody does a spa experience quite than the Scandinavians! So we’ve culminated some of our ‘top picks’ for the most unique and different spa escapes in this area of the Northern world in a handy guide.


Arctic Bath – Lulea
A total wellness escape awaits at Arctic Bath in Lulea. A beautiful and design-focused floating hotel with a beautiful spa at it’s heart; it is the perfect hideaway in Northern Sweden. Head into the spa which is inspired by the surrounding nature and let an open-air cold bath under the Northern sky revitalise you from the inside out! You can book additional treatments such as skin treatments and massages either in the spa or to be delivered in your cabins. The products used are local – harnessing Swedish Lapland’s herbs and berries and refined into luxury cosmetics – which adds to the unique nature of the experience.

Cape East – Haparanda
Cape East’s award-winning SPA has a wide range of experiences for maximum harmony and refreshment and is set in a beautiful location where in the summer you can enjoy the midnight sun, and the Northern Lights in the winter with the energising view of Torne River flowing by. The sauna, similar in design to a Mayan temple, has ten bench rows at different levels. At the top level you can relax in the heated pool area on the terrace while gazing over the border to Finland, and on the bottom level you find ice-baths, hot-water pools and a waterfall shower with icy water. In the relax room you can enjoy fresh fruit, tea and a healthy shot. Outside on the terrace you will find the cold outdoor pool. This is an experience not to be missed when visiting Haparanda.

Aurora Spa at Camp Ripan – Kiruna
A winner of the world luxury spa awards; the Aurora Spa at Camp Ripan is not to be missed on a trip to Swedish Lapland. At Camp Ripan, they have chosen to not block out the feeling of winter, but rather build it right in to the experience. The Aurora Spa invites you to wander between in and out, heat and cold, soothing water and crystalline snow. The spa is a highlight throughout the year but it really comes alive in the winter.Relax indoors and enjoy the winter-white landscape through the panoramic windows, or feel the cool caress of the polar wind across your cheek while enveloped by the warming comfort of the outdoor pool.And if you are lucky, the colourful dance of the Northern Lights will entertain you!


The Well – Akerhus
In Akershus, just south by 15 minutes of Oslo, The Well is a destination in it’s own right, with eleven different pools and even a northern light inspired sauna. At The Well, you can enjoy the true luxury of spa experiences from all over the world and it is recognised as the largest spa in all the Nordic countries. There are a huge variety of treatments on offer as well as an array of saunas, pools and showers, steam rooms, a Japanese bath house, Hammam and many different rituals to try. The Well have taken inspiration from traditional rituals from every corner of the world so that you can experience them all in on place!

Vulkana Spa – Tromso
From the outside you are looking at an ordinary, traditional fishing boat. On the inside however you are going to find a modern floating spa ready to set sail into the Arctic waters surrounding Tromso to provide you with an idyllic day out on the water whilst relaxing in a beautiful spa! On board you will find a traditional Hammam and a beautiful sauna with panoramic vistas out onto the water and surrounding fjords. There is also a zen lounge, and an on-deck hot tub adding to the luxurious experience. The boat can host up to 12 people at a time and there is an incredible kitchen with a host of professional chefs ready to cook up some culinary delights during your time on board. This really is one of the most unique ways of enjoying a spa in Arctic Norway!

Storfjord Hotel – Alesund
Storfjord Hotel is a secluded luxury boutique hotel situated in Glomset, on a hillside overlooking the Storfjord and the Sunnmøre Alps.The location is fabulous enough but their wellness and spa area is a true gem in this area of Fjord Norway. A trip down the path towards the forest will see you enter the spa area, cosy lounge, and outdoor jacuzzi. Feel the sunshine on your face in the summertime and take in the magic of being surrounded by warm water and fresh crisp air. Indulge yourself with a selection of treatments and wash the stress away in the indoor and outdoor showers. Take a moment and get rid of sore muscles in our sauna with views of the woodlands. This is a spa experience not to be missed.


Blue Lagoon Retreat Spa – Grindavík
This wouldn’t be a Spa blog without mentioning the Blue Lagoon. One of the worlds most famous spas has upgraded itself to now offer the Blue Lagoon Retreat. A visit to the Retreat gives you 5 hours exclusive entry to both the Retreat Spa and the Blue Lagoon. You will also have access to the Retreat Lagoon – a smaller, more private lagoon with fewer people and a more intimate experience. In the Retreat Spa you will have access to 8 subterranean spaces each offering a unique experience to include the Nest Lounge, the Lava Spring, the Sauna and a cosy Fire lounge. There is a wealth of treatments and massages to choose from and you could also consider – for the ultimate luxury experience – the Lava Cove. With its own mineral-rich lagoon, wood-burning fireplace, dining area, kitchen, and world-class Italian furnishings, Lava Cove offers abundant comfort and luxury in total privacy. Enhance and customise your Lava Cove experience with in-suite gourmet dining, in-water massage, and guided yoga sessions.

Sky Lagoon – Reykjavik
An all-new Iceland experience just minutes from Reykjavik city centre. A thermal spa inspired by nature & culture – Immerse yourself in warmth in this ocean-side geothermal lagoon, and watch as the dramatic North Atlantic Ocean stretches out before you. Feel yourself relax and unwind as you take in the dazzling sunsets and moody skies and, if you’re lucky, the dancing Northern Lights will put on a stunning show. Then, take your relaxation deeper with the Ritual, a unique seven-step experience. Sky Lagoon offers three distinctively Icelandic taste experiences designed to complement your visit. You could enjoy a drink in the Lagoon bar, enjoy a lighter meal in the Sky Cafe or something more unique in the Smakk bar. The menus and beverage offerings enliven your taste buds and refresh your palette while connecting you to the flavours of this spectacular landscape.


Arctic Snowhotel & Igloos – Rovaniemi
A glass roofed igloo is already a high priority for travellers to Finland and here you also have the opportunity to spend the night sub-zero in an ice room within the Snowhotel during the winter time. A particular highlight of this accommodation is also it’s sauna area. Here you will find a traditional Finnish Sauna and outdoor hot tub perfect for watching the Northern Lights from if you are lucky, but you will also find a Finnish Snow sauna! A unique experience; The snow sauna is made from snow and ice. Only the sauna benches are made from wood. The thick steam of the stove keeps the temperature high, even though the snowy walls radiate cold. You start your sauna experience by having shower and warming up in Finnish sauna for awhile after which your guide will show you how snow sauna works and gives instructions for it. After that you can go to either back to the outdoor Jacuzzi or the traditional Finnish sauna.

Lapland Hotel Saaga – Ylläsjärvi
Saaga is located on the tree line of Ylläsjärvi, where the scenery is magnificent, as far as the eye can see. The view changes according to the time of day and year, making every moment special in our hotel. The Gondola-lift, which runs right next to our hotel up to the fell, tempts you to spend a day on the slopes. Versatile skiing tracks and paths invite you to dive into the shelter of the forest, after breathing in the fresh air on the fell. And what better way to end your day than a trip to the magnificent Spa? Beautiful natural stone and lighting create a wonderful atmosphere for the pool area. You can enjoy the embrace of warm bubbles in the hot tub of a natural stone cave, or in a more traditional hot tub. Younger ones will have a fun time with the crocodile in the wading pool. Hot steam baths can be enjoyed either in a traditional Finnish sauna, or in a relaxing steam sauna. There is also a private sauna available for reservations.

Javri Lodge – Saariselkä
Jávri is an unforgettable boutique hotel in the small village of Saariselkä, which lies in the far north of Finland, 250 km north of the Arctic Circle. This charming Lappish-style hotel is a tranquil, aesthetically pleasing home away from home. The location of Jávri is at the doorsteps to the trails and adventures in the National Park – is ideal for those seeking to experience untouched nature, to glimpse the Northern Lights, to hibernate in winter’s cold and darkness and to awaken once more in the never-setting sun as summer replaces winter. Another wonderful element to this unique accommodation is their wellness area. After a day outdoors there is nothing better than returning to the warmth of the lodge and immersing oneself in a wellness experience. Discover the wellness facilities and services – two authentic Finnish saunas, a swimming pool, gym and relaxing massage treatments. Or, curl up by the log fire and watch the ever-changing landscape outside. There is also an offering of treatments and massages to enjoy including classic massage, hot stone and aromatherapy. There is also a well equipped fitness studio and lounge area.