A holiday under the northern lights of Lapland, Finland presents a unique opportunity for discovery.

Aurora Borealis is a mirror to the soul, a vivid testimony to the raw beauty of our universe. That we ourselves have the capacity to witness these phenomena is in itself amazing! It shows that the light is inside us.

Who wouldn’t wish to remain forever captivated in this kind of splendor? The world is ours when we open our eyes and hearts. Our sense perceptions are the gateways to things never seen or heard before. Mixing an Aurora Borealis holiday with an introduction to meditation might just light up your life long after the lights become a memory.

So how does meditation work, and why bring it on holiday? It’s really quite simple. A technique helps us to calm the busy mind. Then we relax with our sense perceptions. We tune into vivid colors, bright sounds and they begin to awaken us, and we enter more deeply into our natural capacity to feel and experience fully and completely. The result is limitless perception which goes beyond the thinking process (that’s the simplicity part) and experiences the natural beauty of fresh perception.

The point is, we possess limitless wealth right within our senses. Imagine the implications! We’re always content and fulfilled. Because we are so connected with our bodies (senses) we experience greater health. We consume less. We feel cheerful, living a life of celebration. After all, we are merely the mirror of the universe.

There is a secret way to look at Aurora Borealis. It’s not just with the eyes. Retreats’ meditation instructions, together with Aurora herself, give you a new perspective or lense on the universe. The northern lights are just the beginning.

Northern Lights for the Soul

The Northern Lights for the Soul package will take you to the picturesque Arctic wilderness of Kilpisjarva, Finland. Here you will have the chance to gather your thoughts and immerse yourself in these serene surroundings. On this 4-night stay you will be guided through your spiritual journey by teachers and experts. Your break will include morning yoga sessions by specialist guest teachers, mindfulness meditations from expert teacher Brian Hilliard and the chance to experience a refreshing ‘ice hole dip’ in a relaxation area.

To find out more about meditation holidays, visit Brian Hilliard’s own website at www.retreats.pro. To talk to us about how you can enjoy your own meditation holiday under the Northern Lights, the first thing to do is get in touch!

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