A good whale watching holiday is about more than just the trip itself. The dynamic between we humans and the whales themselves is one that must respected, protected and preserved – both for the good of the whales and for the future of the tourism they generate.

Over the years, we have created hundreds of holiday itineraries, many of which have included whale watching activities in a variety of destinations. Because of this, we know what makes a good whale watching holiday and what makes a good whale watcher, which we are here to share with you today.

A good whale watcher will…

…put the whales and dolphins first.

This is perhaps the most important point. If the whales are safe, that means you are safe. This means being respectful when watching whales and dolphins and exercising careful and responsible boat handling around them, which includes moving slowly and delicately so as not to disturb or startle the whales or dolphins. Additionally, it is imperative to give whales and dolphins extra room if there are extra boats.

…follow regional regulations.

When it comes to whale watching, different parts of the world have different regulations and codes of conduct that must be adhered to. We create whale watching holiday itineraries to a variety of different countries, each of which has its own legislation that our whale watching partners work to.

…have adequate safety provisions.

Safety for passengers is just as important as safety for the whales and dolphins. A safe whale watching vessel will have an experienced skipper and crew that operate legally and do so with appropriate licencing for their region. Passengers should also be given an appropriate safety briefing so as to ensure their own safe conduct while aboard.

…offer high standards of customer care.

These are the high standards that we would expect of any ethical business. Businesses should be honest in their advertising and talk about realistic ‘sightings success rates‘ – the last thing anyone wants is to be disappointed. A refund or rescheduling policy is also an important assurance for trips that are cancelled due to weather or sea conditions.

…have an on-board whale specialist on every trip.

Having an on-board specialist on every trip will enhance the journey as a whole with their ability to provide educational commentary on the whales and their environment. Larger boats may employ a trained naturalist, while smaller vessels may see their skipper fulfil the same role.

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