At Off the Map Travel we are experts in all things Scandinavian but one thing that we excel in is cross-border holidays to see not one, or even two countries; but to seamlessly create an amazing experience visiting multiple destinations in one fell swoop. Read here about how we approach cross-border trips and how we determine where is going to be best for YOU to travel.

Some customers come to us knowing exactly where they want to go and what they want to do; others have a long-standing desire to see or do something very specific no matter where that may be such as seeing the Northern Lights or to experience dog sledding or snowmobiling and it is our job as Adventure Artists to determine where might be best for you to travel. Often; that might mean that we think crossing the borders and travelling between the Scandinavian countries that all offer their own unique plus points might be the best way to create the best experience for you!

Sweden, Norway and Finland all offer some incredible opportunities to see and do all things ‘Arctic’. All of these countries offer amazing opportunities to see the Northern Lights in the wintertime but they each have other strengths depending on what else you want from your holiday.

For example; in the North of Norway there are some incredible, luxury private villas suitable for a larger family group with breathtaking views; and of course if going out on the water is important to you to see the Fjords then this is an obvious choice. If cosy log cabins are your thing with fika in the wilderness as a matter of course then Sweden could be the perfect place for you. Finland is renowned for it’s connection to Santa and therefore if travelling at Christmas then we can help create the perfect trip for you here. But what if you want it all?

Crossing the border doesn’t have to be difficult and we are experts in combining locations and destinations in ways that make the journey itself part of the holiday experience. Fly across the border by helicopter, take a scenic drive with a dedicated guide or sail amongst the fjords and inlets as you travel; everything and anything is possible!

Speak to one of our Adventure Artists today to see how you can maximise your holiday time and see everything there is to offer!