Well I have just returned from the World Travel Market Exhibition (WTM) at London’s ExCel centre. The travel market is a huge trade show with around 5000 exhibitors representing 184 countries. It is one of the largest of its kind in the world and with food from around the world on each stand, entertainment from the different continents as well as events and talks about different trends and products it is an exciting 4 days full of information and fun! So what has this got to do with our customers?

Well one of the main reasons we, here at Off the Map Travel head to WTM is to meet up with the suppliers we work with across the world all under one roof. We strongly believe in building high quality and direct relationships with every single one of the people you will come across on your holiday from guides, to hotel suppliers to dog sledders and tourist boards. We believe that the stronger this relationship is, the better the product we will be able to offer you will be.

At WTM yesterday I met with representatives and suppliers from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Gozo and Spain all in one day. I was able to discuss our needs and represent our customers in their requests and preferences for their holidays. We hope that this strong relationship translates into the high quality service we can offer.

We know that heading into London for the day will never replace the importance of us visiting our destinations and suppliers in their own settings but we do believe that it builds on the great knowledge and relationships we already have.

Here at Off the Map Travel we strongly believe that we should only sell products we have seen and experienced first hand so that we know the quality and standards are high when we sell them to you. We believe that the better our communication, knowledge and understanding of the people, places and experiences you will come across when you travel on one of our trips is the better your experience will be. We would therefore like to thank World Travel Market for the opportunity it gives us to further our relationships and meet new people.

We also have a lot of fun seeing the different displays!

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