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Summer Holidays

The Nordic region offers the perfect summer playground for all ages and offers a side of these amazing countries that is often overlooked. Sweden and Norway are home to some of the most scenic beaches in the world and there is a whole host of other exciting places to explore including Finland, Greenland, and Iceland which enjoy the Midnight Sun throughout the summer months.

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We are excited to begin to offer Denmark as a destination where its capital Copenhagen is perfect for a city break in the summer months allowing you to explore the city by foot or bicycle. But beyond the capital, you will discover even more – including white sandy beaches, hidden gems such as the island of Bornholm, and beautiful locations such as Aarhus.

With the country being surrounded by the sea it is perfect to combine an escape to the city with a trip to see the stunning white beaches, and if you want to go further afield it is perfectly connected to head out to Sweden or Norway.

Faroe Islands

If you’re looking for an off the beaten track adventure where some of your friends may not even know where they are on a map then look no further than the Faroe Islands! A cluster of 18 islands in the North Atlantic ocean it is the perfect escape on it’s own or perfectly combined with the likes of Copenhagen or Iceland.

Dramatic scenery, hikes galore and lots of unique activities such as being invited in for a delicious dinner with a Faroese family to learn all about their culture and lifestyle are all on offer. If history is your thing then this destination is perfect for learning more about the Vikings (so much so we’ve designed a trip all about them!) and the way they have shaped the modern day Faroe Islands. One thing is for sure; you will not be disappointed with this as your summer holiday choice!

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Finland, much like Sweden, is most well known for its winter holidays in lapland but during the Summer months, there is much to discover in its tunning archipelagos, woodland, and coastal areas.

From its capital city Helsinki, which is perfect for a city break – you can then explore further afield from the city heading out to the east where there is the beautiful lakelands to discover. Or perhaps catch a train to head north and discover some of the locations famous for some nature watching, including bears!

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Greenland is another location perfect to discover during the Summer months – with it being connected by both Reykjavik and Copenhagen it allows one to combine it perfectly with a city break before heading out on a pure adventure.

There are adventures to discover in the North, East, and Southern parts of Greenland – each that can be tailored to your requirements. You might want to be out discovering some of its fascinating Viking histories, or those that love their hiking will be spoilt with the incredible locations to choose from and see this fascinating country by foot. There are icebergs to witness, gleaming in the midnight sun, or hot springs to discover!

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Summer in Iceland is a perfect time to discover the country. With the longer hours of light, it means that you can drive without the pressure of seeing everything before the dark comes in, in fact, it makes it perfect to go out exploring in the early hours of the morning or late evenings when there are fewer people on the roads and some of the key landmarks.

If you go later in Summer and into the beginning of Autumn you might be lucky enough to potentially catch some aurora late in the evenings, but before then it is the midnight sun which is a fascinating spectacle to capture – especially when you are up in the North in locations such as Akureyri.

Icelandic Explorer


In Norway you truly are spoilt for choice as to which part you want to discover – starting from its great capital city Oslo you head cross country to the gateway of the fjords in Bergen – a perfect place to start a self-drive and explore the fjord region here. There is Alesund, Geiranger, Hardangerfjord, and Flam to discover here (to name a few) with rib boat safaris, cider tours, and hiking opportunities to discover.

You can continue further north where you will discover Tromso and from here you have the ability to head out to the stunning islands of Senja, head into the Lyngen Alps, or to the beautiful Lofoten Islands.

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If you’re looking for a unique summer getaway with the Midnight Sun shining down 24 hours a day then Svalbard could be the destination for you. An archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole this rugged and beautiful landscape is not only a stunning place to look at but there is so much to explore and so many activities to enjoy! Hike through the mountains, take a boat trip across the fjord and stay overnight in a remote cabin next to a frozen glacier or try summer dog sledding!

Wildlife is a key highlight here too with animals such as walruses, arctic foxes, reindeer, beluga whales and of course the potential to spot the mighty polar bear in it’s natural habitat.

Longyearbyen may be the last inhabited town before you reach the North Pole but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find luxury accommodation, an abundance of bars and restaurants or all the comforts you’d expect of a Northern city. Svalbard is definitely one of our highlight destinations for a summer getaway!

Agurtxane Concellon / Hurtigruten Svalbard


Sweden is so commonly associated with the cold and the winter adventures that one can take up in Swedish Lapland but in the Summer these locations become perfect to discover for some hiking adventures. You can even still in the Icehotel with its 365 design, then there is the Treehotel, and Abisko which is a perfect location to head out onto the King’s Hiking Trail.

Further south is the countries capital city Stockholm which is ideal for a city break, but it is really over in West Sweden when you discover some really exciting locations. Beyond the vibrant city of Gothenburg you will discover the stunning archipelagos – perfect for kayaking excursions and discovering by bicycle. What makes it better is how accessible these places are from the city allowing you to discover by train, bus, boat, or by car.

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Explore Scandinavia

Summer in Scandinavia is a well-kept secret, and the midnight sun brings with it long light days perfect for exploring the lakes, mountains and forests.

Scandinavia is one of the most captivating places to explore and is quiet, peaceful and a haven away from touristy hot spots. Contrary to popular belief it is not cold either – temperatures can still reach the 20’s or even higher in the summer months so it is a far cry from the minus temperatures that everyone would expect. Just as the winter can claim the Northern Lights, the summer gives you the Midnight Sun which extends your days so you can really make the most of your amazing summer adventure.

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The Midnight Sun

Just as the Arctic Circle can lay claim to the beautiful Northern Lights in the winter, it is also the home of the Midnight Sun in the summertime. Simply put, this means up to 24 hours of daylight in the height of the season but throughout the months of April to September there are extended hours where the sun is high above the horizon meaning these amazing destinations are soaked in sunshine for more hours of the day allowing you to enjoy them to their fullest. Experience unique Arctic experiences such as fishing, hiking, kayaking and a whole host of others even when normally you would be tucked up and sleeping soundly.

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City Breaks

One great way to experience Scandinavia in the summertime is to enjoy spending some time in some of the gorgeous cities on offer. Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki are amazing options if you want to try one of the cool capitals, full of lovely shops, street cafes and buzzing restaurants. You could also visit one of the smaller cities such as Gothenburg or Alesund to soak in the amazing culture and all the unique activities on offer.

Not just any ordinary city breaks – our trips offer city kayaking, food and wine tours or why not explore the city from the rooftops! Everything is possible.


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