Whether around Reykjavik or further north in Akureyri, Northern Lights Holidays in Iceland are a popular and well established experience in Aurora tourism. Iceland is perhaps best known for its dramatic volcanic scenery, wild and untamed nature and warm hospitality. However, if you look up into a clear, dark night sky, you will begin to understand the incredible appeal of  Northern Lights Holidays in Iceland.

Iceland boasts reputable operators who are knowledgeable and experienced in delivering the best possible opportunities for Aurora hunting, creating tried-and-tested Northern Lights Holidays which never fail to disappoint.

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Tailor-made Northern Lights Holidays to Iceland

Iceland is a warm hearted, wilderness paradise. Add to this the Aurora displays that rival any other Arctic destination and it’s clear to see why Northern Lights Holidays in Iceland could well be the key to your next dream activity holiday.

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Northern Lights Experiences in Iceland

The wide range of activities and accommodation on offer mean that Northern Lights Holidays in Iceland really can cater for everyone from the more budget conscious, to those looking to splash out on a once in a lifetime aurora adventure.

When the sun comes up on your Northern Lights Holidays in Iceland, you have everything from bustling city life to some of the best volcanic wilderness on the planet to explore. Guests can enjoy adventures up volcanoes, whale watching and spectacular waterfalls, not to mention the wonderful culture and food.

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We make tailor-made itineraries to ensure that your Northern Lights Holidays in Iceland are perfect for you. Each package is made to meet your exact personalised requirements in order to guarantee that the trip is truly unique.

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