Lake Paijanne


Lake Paijanne is the second largest lake in Finland and a perfect place to take a break and relax in Finland.

The lake drains into the Gulf of Finland via the Kymi River and is surrounded by thick forests and wildlife which make it the perfect place for a Finland adventure holiday with traditional mushroom and berry picking or a trek around the islands on a guided hike on offer.

Lake Paijanne is the perfect place to relax and unwind, but with excitement, all wrapped into one.

The Basics

Location: 61°35′N 025°30′E
Population: 103,352
Area: 1,082.89 km²
Time Zone: UTC+02:00

Getting There

Fly directly into Helsinki which a range of international routes and then pick up a hire car and head out to the lake which will take you around one and a half hours.


Lake Paijanne, like much of Finland, enjoys four very distinct seasons. In the summer the lake is a perfect place for summer holidays with temperatures averaging 20°C but often reaching beyond this in July.

Evenings and nights are bright in Finland during the summer, as the sun sets late and rises early.

Lake Paijanne is also a great place to visit as the winter sets in with temperatures getting down to -15°C and crisp snowy days making the perfect place to enjoy a warm fire and winter activities.


Lake Paijanne is the second largest lake in Finland. The deepest point in the lake is 93 metres which makes it the deepest in Finland.

The southern part of the lake is situated within the Paijanne National Park, which is 14 km2 of protected land.

There are many islands within the lake, some are inhabited and some which are not.

Plants and Animals

Much of the lake is surrounded by dense forest, which is thriving with animal and plant life. Wild berries and mushrooms are common here and tours can be taken to pick the edible berries.

A variety of different animals can be spotted here, with many small mammals and a variety of birds.

The lake also abundant with life making it a great spot for fishing.

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