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Luleå, in Swedish Lapland, is a vibrant coastal city in the county of Norbotten on the shore of Bothnian Bay.

A place of contrast with an international feeling surrounded by wild countryside which opens up for exciting wilderness and Arctic adventures. In the winter the whole area is covered in a blanket of white crisp snow.

Situated perfectly in the Aurora Oval, the region provides a perfect destination for a Northern Lights holiday along with wilderness that opens up to offer a snow-covered winter playground.

The Basics

Location: 65°35,4′N 22°9.14′E
Population: Approximately 75,000
Area: 4,953.75 km2
Time Zone: GMT + 1 standard time

Getting There

There are regular flights into Luleå, which serves the city and all the surrounding area. The journey from the airport to your final destination is spectacular with forests, rivers and lakes all frozen and covered in snow.

If travelling by rail is your thing, then you can also catch the train from Stockholm directly into nearby Boden from where we can organise transfers.


Luleå lies 100 km south of the Arctic Circle and has long cold snowy winters making it a perfect place for an Arctic adventure. The average temperatures are around minus 10 to 15°C from November to February, however temperatures can get as low as minus 30.

The short summers are filled with long summer days with temperatures around 20 degrees.


Luleå’ is the largest city in the Norbotten county. It is surrounded by wilderness and its archipelago is made up of over 1700 islands and skerries, most of which are uninhabited and unexploited.

The sea freezes in mid-January and offers perfect opportunities for people wanting to ski, skate or even drive on the ice. The diverse geography of the region includes forests, mountains, lakes, bogs and the seashore – all within easy reach.

Plants and Animals

The islands and wilderness areas surrounding the city are well-known for their berries including cloudberries, sea buckthorn and raspberries.

Elk, reindeer and Arctic hare are spotted regularly in all parts of Norbotten county.

It is also possible to see a range of native plant species including freshwater cryptogram. The shores, beaches and shallows also include a variety of northern plant species including the endemic yellow hair grass.

Fish species that are found in the area's lakes and rivers also live in Bothnian Bay, include roach, perch, pike and grayling. Ringed seal, grey seal, cod, herring and salmon may also be found in the bay.

Birdlife includes the Black Guillemot, Velvet Scoter, Oystercatcher, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Western Capercaillie and Willow Ptarmigan.

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