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The Aurora Spa

Experience the Aurora Spa at Camp Ripan.

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A unique spa in a unique region

The Aurora Spa at Camp Ripan is well worth a visit if in the Kiruna area. The Spa invites guests to wander between inside and out, heat and cold, soothing water and crystalline snow. Relax indoors and enjoy the winter white landscape through panoramic windows, or feel the cool polar breeze while in the comfort of the warm water of the outdoor pool. If you are lucky; they don’t call it the Aurora Spa for nothing – you may get a show of the dancing lights above you!

There are a variety of treatments available to include face treatments and body massage and there is also the Spa Ritual which is a complete experience for the body and soul. You will be given a bucket full of all the tools and products needed to carry out the ritual at your own pace. The spa bucket includes birch leaf scrub, foot salts with juniper berries, lemon and sea salt, coffee scrub and a body oil made with regionally–grown rapeseed oil. Massage face and hands with a lovely fragrant coffee scrub, let your feet enjoy a foot bath with juniper salt and lemon while massaging the soles of your feet on pellet balls, scrub your body with a scrub made on freshly cut birch leaves and moisturise your whole body with a wonderfully soothing body oil made from turnips and scented with pine aroma oil. All this while in between enjoying the temperate waters of the pools, basking or sipping a glass of wine or a smoothie in the relaxation.

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