Denmark should be at the highest point on your gastronomy hit-list. With a total of 24 Michelin stars spread about 15 Copenhagen-based restaurants and the fact, that Geranium holds the title of the world’s best restaurant simply underlines Copenhagen’s position as one of the leading gastro destinations of the world.

Denmark is the smallest of the Scandinavian countries but that doesn’t meant it doesn’t have a BIG food scene. Traditional Danish food is all based on what historically could be farmed in Denmark; cabbage, root vegetables, rye bread, fish and pork were all an important part of the diet. A pork roast, pickled red cabbage, danish meatballs and rice pudding are all typical dishes served from a Danish kitchen.

Denmark is home to the ‘New Nordic Cuisine’ and whether you’re looking for something savoury or sweet, street grub or Michelin-starred works of art there is something for everyone! Denmark is Scandinavia’s gourmet food powerhouse with a total of 32 Michelin Stars and 25 star-studded restaurants to choose from and outside of that there are street vendors, cafes and smaller, intimate restaurants galore all across this amazing little country.

In 2004, several Nordic chefs developed and signed The Nordic Kitchen Manifesto. The manifesto contains 10 sections, covering purity, seasonality, ethics, health, sustainability and quality in the future development of the Danish food scene. One of the chefs behind the manifesto is the world-famous chef René Redzepi from Noma. Noma is certainly one of the crown jewels of Danish gastronomy. Since the restaurant opened in 2003, it has won World’s Best Restaurant four times, for constantly challenging the ‘norm’ in Danish and global cuisine.

There are plenty of ways to experience the cuisine in Denmark but here are some special suggestions;

  • Go on a food tour – there are many exciting tours placed all around Denmark allowing visitors to experience the local tastes all around.
  • Take a cookery class – learn how to make sourdough and rye bread or perhaps learn how to create the perfect Smørrebrød – an open faced sandwich topped with all sorts of delicious fare!
  • Denmark is the home of Tuborg and Carlsberg but there are also a host of local breweries to visit to try craft beers.
  • Do you know your snegle from your spandauer? Your småkager from your kransekager? In Denmark there is a cake for every occasion so head to local bakeries to try some!
  • You’re never far from the sea in Denmark so freshly peeled prawns, locally caught herring or delicious oysters are featured on many of the menus in restaurants all over the country and are an important part of the Danish cuisine.