According to Sky Scanner’s Travel Trends report for 2024, “more than ever, cultural exploration will be a priority for travellers in 2024”. For those seeking an authentic and immersive cultural experience, the Nordic region offers a treasure trove of opportunities waiting to be discovered. From the enchanting tales of Viking heritage in Norway to the vibrant design scene in Sweden, and the unique traditions of Finland and Iceland, the Nordics beckon with a rich tapestry of local culture, making it an ideal destination for those eager to delve into the heart of these fascinating societies. In this blog we will focus on one of our favourite locations – Sapmi Nature Camp in Sweden. It is has recently had a special makeover, and you can now combine a true cultural experience with some familiar luxuries.

Sapmi Nature Camp

Nestled deep within the pristine wilderness of Sjavana nature reserve, Sweden, Sapmi Nature Camp stands as a beacon of natural wonder and cultural immersion. This remote and enchanting destination offers an escape into the heart of the Arctic wilderness, where the rhythms of the Sami people harmonize with the untouched beauty of Lapland’s landscape. From the mystical Northern Lights painting the night skies to the indigenous traditions that have thrived in this land for centuries, Sapmi Nature Camp is an extraordinary gateway to the soul of Sweden’s far north.

Your host Lennart Pittja

Sápmi Nature Camp is under the ownership and management of Lennart Pittja, a member of the Sami community, and a product of generations of reindeer herders in Unna Tjerusj. This territory has been a vital grazing ground for Unna Tjerusj for millennia. At Sápmi Nature, their dedication lies in promoting responsible tourism that respects the delicate balance of reindeer herding, aiming not to jeopardize it, but rather to share insights into Sami life, both past and present.

Small and sustainable

Sapmi is a small, sustainable business, only welcoming up to 10 guests at a time. Your accommodation will be a small selection of traditional lavvus, some of which have recently been upgraded to deluxe, with timber walls to provide extra warmth and even an ensuite toilet. All lavvus have a wood burning stove inside to keep you warm and cosy throughout the night. And – if the northern lights are going to appear all you need to do is pop your head out of your lavvu!


Your meals are served in a small dining room on the site, and you are welcome to join in with Lennart in the preparation of your meals, learning about Sami cuisine and ingredients along the way. Meals are based on fish, reindeer and moose supplemented by delicious local berries and herbs foraged from the surrounding area. The ingredients are almost always provided by your hosts family.


Your cultural experience does not end there – there are lots of activities that you can also enjoy that will give you an insight into traditional Swedish life. Whether that be relaxing in the sauna overlooking the frozen lake, tending to Lennart’s reindeer herd or cross country skiing and snowshoeing through the nature reserve, you will have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in Swedish traditions.

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