Each of our Northern Lights holiday destinations offers a range of fantastic local delicacies to sample when you visit. The cuisine is often far from what you might find at home, using local meat and produce to create hearty, warming traditional dishes often with a modern twist. Here are a few of our favourites.

Fantastic Food Under The Northern Lights

There is wonderful diversity in the countries where you can see the Northern Lights. There is an equally fantastic variety in the different foods that each nation has to offer. We have collected our own favourites from the traditional foods that you can find in each of these countries – some of which are far from what you might find at home.

Sweden, Köttbullar

Known to the rest of the world as Swedish Meatballs, this dish has become a popular culinary delight across the world.

Norway, Lapskaus

This thick stew of meat and potatoes is a cornerstone of Norwegian life as an ‘anything goes’ comfort food that has many variations from place to place.

Iceland, Harðfiskur

This form of dried fish is eaten as a snack with salted butter and is similar in nature to the jerky that are made from other meats.

Greenland, Suaasat
A traditional Greenlandic soup that combines potatoes and onions with the meat of the regions available wildlife – ranging from reindeer to sea-birds and more.

Finland, Poronkäristys

This traditional meal comprises sautéed reindeer that is typically served with potatoes and lingonberry preserves.

Canada, Poutine

Originating in the Quebec province of Canada, this dish of French fries and cheese curds topped with gravy began as a fast food dish and developed into a national favourite.

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