Well I have been back in the office one day since my fantastic trip to Greenland last week and I already miss it! I went to Greenland with very few expectations except that I was sure it would be the trip of a lifetime………and it was certainly that!

After spending one night in the fabulous capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik, I caught a flight to the wonderful west coast town of Ilulissat, Greenland. The flight itself was very special…I managed to nod off but was awoken by a frenzy of excitement on the plane with tourists chatting and clicking away with excitement at the beautiful views of snow-capped peaks, bright blue lakes and thick white ice and snow! Landing at this tiny airport I was then taken to my very comfortable hotel which had breath-taking views of the Unesco world heritage site – the Icefjord. After a quick cup of tea it was straight of into the town to catch my boat for an afternoon sailing amongst the huge white icebergs carved from the massive Ilulissat glacier. It was a great afternoon which was made even better by sightings of humpback whales and seals!

The next day required an early start as we sailed up to the stunning Eqi glacier to see the almost constant carvings of ice. The one thing that is really magical is the noise as the ice breaks and smashes into the water. I was very lucky to get to stay the night at the wonderful camp so I could spend the night listening and watching this wonderful natural phenomenon……which was even more spectacular under the pink light of the midnight sun! Eqi is a great place for hiking, picking berries and mushrooms or simply relaxing away from the pressures of everyday life (there is no mobile phone signal or internet). The next day after a small hike to the lake and a delicious lunch it was time to sail back and enjoy another night in the great hotel with the stunning views! Overall Greenland is a beautiful country that will take your breath away on a daily basis and it is really worth the effort! The food is great (although I opted out of whale and seal being vegetarian), the people of interesting and the activities are out of this world!

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