The ICEHOTEL has opened its doors once again over the weekend and we can now reveal some of the exciting new Art Suites that have been designed for this year.

This winter season will see the doors open for the 32nd time and includes designers from Sweden, Norway, France, UK, and even Chile!

“Room Service”, Tjåsa Gusfors, Artist and sculptor, Sweden |  Ulrika Tallving, Stylist and sculptor, Sweden

“Sacred Giant”, AnnaSofia Mååg, Artist, Sweden | Emilia Elisson, Artist, Sweden | My Flink, Artist and sculptor, Sweden | Oscar Insulander, Sculptor, Sweden

“No Pressure”, Carl Wellander, Sculptor, Sweden | Malena Wellander, Project manager in culture, Sweden

“Inom”, Henkia, Artist, Chile

“To Bed With The Chickens”, Edith Van de Wetering, Artist, The Netherlands | Wilfred Stijger, Artist, The Netherlands

“Molecules”, Anja Kilian, Interior and Textile Designer | Germany Wolfgang Lüchow, Product Designer, Germany

“Great Gatsby”, Tomasz Czajkowski, Artist and Designer, Poland | Tomasz Jastrzebski, Architect, Poland

“Dickensian Street”, Jonathan Green, Sculptor and Designer, UK | Marnie Green, Sculptor, UK

“Different Natures”, Robert Harding, Sculptor, Spain | Timsam Harding, Artist, Spain

“Blue Tundra”, Elisabeth Kristensen, Sculptor, Norway

“UV”, Nicolas Triboulot, Artist and designer, France | Fernand Manzi, Designer, France

“Ginnungagap Onomiau”, Noël Picaper, Architectural Designer, France | Louis Lair de La Motte, Craftsman, France

Which room would you choose? Contact us today and speak to one of our Adventure Artists to help organise.

Photo Credit: Asaf Kliger