New glass roofed Snowcat with Off the Map Travel in Kilpisjarvi, Finland

*NEW for 2015/2016*

This winter, those looking for a Northern Lights holiday will have a new opportunity to explore the Arctic and experience the Aurora Borealis with an adventure into the wilds of the Arctic Circle in a new glass roofed Snowcat.

This new experience has been developed in conjunction with Northern Lights experts, Off the Map Travel, and will not only allow guests to access areas deep into the arctic tundra with some of the darkest skies from which to experience the Northern Lights, but do it from the warmth and comfort of the Snowcat.

Based in Kilpisjarvi, Finland, the Snowcat is perfectly suited to guests of all ages as you get transported across the Arctic tundra with the Snowcat’s caterpillar treads taking all the strain, requiring as much or as little walking during stops as guests desire.

During the evening trip the Snowcat transports guests cross country to the best tried-and-tested spots to experience the Northern Lights. The specific route and designated stops for guests will however depend on the snow conditions and weather patterns and will be designed each day to give guests the best possible chance of experiencing the Northern Lights during the trip.

Jonny Cooper, Director of Off the Map Travel and Northern Lights Travel expert said;

“To have the best chance of seeing spectacular Aurora you need to find the clearest, darkest skies possible. There are obvious challenges when you’re getting around remote and wild Arctic regions, however the Snowcat not only gets you there, but with its glass roof also allows you to enjoy the Northern Lights on the way. This experience is as much about the journey, as the destination.”

One of the special destinations for the Aurora Snowcat is the three boarder point. This gives guests the opportunity to travel out to the stone monument deep into the remote Arctic wilderness, from which you are ideally situated to experience the Northern Lights from Finland, Sweden and Norway – simultaneously.

Jonny Cooper, Director of Off the Map Travel, continues;

“We’re so pleased to be able to offer this new opportunity to our guests as it not only allows them to adventure into the thick of wild arctic country in both comfort and warmth, but also means that you’ll never miss an opportunity to experience the Aurora with the glass roof giving you uninterrupted views skyward every second of the time you’re out.”

A four night itinerary during February Half Term 2016 including the Aurora Snowcat experience with Off the Map Travel to Kilpisjarvi in Northern Finland costs from £999 per person, excluding flights. This includes dogsledding, a snowmobile tour to the 3 border point, a reindeer and sami tour as well as a variety of other Northern Lights evening including a traditional meal in a Finnish Kota. An ideal trip for the whole family.

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