These Cities will be a great place to visit for a northernmost holiday, providing you with the quiet and peace you could be looking for, whilst also taking part in activities.

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The Northernmost Cities Under The Northern Lights

A holiday to see the Northern Lights can take you farther north than you might ever normally venture. As a rule of thumb, the farther into the Arctic Circle you go, the better your views of the Northern Lights will be.

Join us as we explore some of the northernmost towns and populated places under the Northern Lights. Most of these may not be ideal holiday spots, but the people who live there must get treated to truly amazing Northern Lights displays.

Norway – Ny-Ålesund

As the Northernmost place on this list, Ny-Ålesund has a permanent population of around 35 that increases to 120 in summer. It is home to 15 research stations representing 10 countries, making it more suited to scientists than tourists.

  • The latitude is 78°55′30″N.
  • The population is 35/120.
  • A fun fact is that its home to the worlds northernmost civilian post office.

Greenland – Qaanaaq

Before being the most northernmost town in Greenland, Qaanaaq started life because of Thule Base – the United States Air Force’s northernmost base. It is now a healthy town that offers opportunities to go dog–sledding across the tundra.

  • The latitude is 77°29′N.
  • The population is 650.
  • A fun fact is that, thanks to its traditions of hunting, it has more huskies than humans.

Canada – Grise Fiord

Part of the Nunavut territory of Canada on Ellesmere Island, Grise Fiord is the Northernmost civilian settlement in Canada. It is also one of the coldest inhabited places in the world, with average yearly temperatures of -16.5°C.

  • The latitude is 76°25′3″N.
  • The population is 130.
  • A fun fact is that its Inukitu name is Aujuittuq, which means ‘place that never thaws’.

Finland – Utsjoki

As the northernmost municipality in Finland, Utsjoki has two official languages – Finnish and Northern Sami. It sits at the end of the Highway 4 which is the longest highway in Finland, and offers road access to Norway via the Sami Bridge.

  • The latitude is 68°26′28″N.
  • The population is 300.
  • A fun fact is that 46% of the population speak Sami – more than any other municipality in Finland.

Sweden– Karesuando

The northernmost locality in Sweden is Karesuando. On the Finnish side of the Muonio River is the village of Karesuando and, according to Finnish tradition, they are one and the same village.

  • The latitude is 68°26′28″N.
  • The population is 300.
  • A fun fact is that the area is traditionally Finnish speaking, not Swedish.

Iceland – Grimsey

The Icelandic island of Grimsey is the nation’s northernmost territory. The Arctic Circle runs through the island but due to oscillations in the Earth’s axis this may not be true in as little as 50 years. It is close to the popular Northern Lights holiday destination Akureyri.

  • The latitude is 66°33′N.
  • The population is 86.
  • A fun fact is that the island of Grimsey is completely treeless.

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